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WOOL-LUBE (Rub Lubricant)

Wool-Lube (aka: Wool-Wax) is a specially formulated lubricant for preparing furniture before waxing and polishing. Superior for removing pack marks, soiling, or fingerprints.
Furniture rubbed with Behlen Wool-lube can be re-coated with lacquer with good adhesion.

Water soluble, non silicone and fast clean up.
Use as a lubricant when rubbing with pumice or rottenstone.
Use with steel wool, nylon pad, or, Wet or Dry paper. 

Contains NO Wax, Oils or Silicones!

Pint Bottle
B730-1365  -  $9.95  -  Quantity   

Clean, lint free, lightweight, soft textured, closely woven cloth prevents streaking.
Used for ‘French Polishing’ and hand application of padding finishes:
   • Behlen French Lac™ light amber French padding finish
   • Qualasole™ the modern “French Polish"
   • Qualarenu™ Amalgamator
   • Violin Varnish for musical instruments
   • Behlen Woodturner’s Finish™ for padding a finish on the lathe

     Also, an excellent cloth for polishing.
                          1/2 Pound (Reclosable Bag)

B901-108  -  $7.35  -  Quantity   

CORK BLOCK - 2x4x1 in.
CORK BLOCK (2"x4"x1")

more aggressive than felt when used for rubbing finishes.

Use with Behlen Wool Lube™
and 600-800 Wet or Dry abrasive paper to
remove and level excess Burn-In Stick

B902-2000  -  $10.60  -  Quantity   

FINISH-RUB, Pint • UPS Only •

A fine rubbing agent used to restore a dull, worn,
or scratched and fully cured finish to a Satin sheen.
Highly recommended to create or restore a Satin sheen finish.

Contains No harsh chemicals,

-- No silicone or waxes.

B730-01165  -  $14.60  -  Quantity   


Creates a High-Gloss sheen.
Rubbing Compound is a semi-paste, abrasive compound
for rubbing down the final coat of lacquer, shellac, or varnish.
May also be used to remove minor surface imperfections and over-spray on spot repairs.

Pint Can

B730-01115  -  $14.60  -  Quantity   
BUFFER'S POLISH (#5), Pint • UPS Only •

Extremely fine buffing agent, which can be applied by hand
or with a mechanical buffer on most any well cured finish.

Buffer's Polish is the original (#5) grade, which can be used to restore or create
a professional hand rubbed, high gloss sheen by removing minor imperfections in the finish.

Buffer's Polish will yield a High Gloss "WET" look.

B730-2005  -  $13.85  -  Quantity   
Deluxing Compound, Pint • UPS Only •
A combination of waxes and buffing materials that produce a smooth, hard, mirror-like gloss finish. Recommended for use on lacquer, varnish, acrylic, or enamel finishes.

• Can be used on any shade of furniture including white.
• Excellent for use on spot repairs.
• Will not harm the finest of finishes.

• Achieves a smooth porcelain like finish on appliances and automobile finishes as well.

-- Contains NO silicone.

B730-1205  -  $17.80  -  Quantity   
FELT BLOCK - 2x4x1 in.
FELT BLOCKS (2"x4"x1")

Felt Blocks are used with pumice, rottenstone and rubbing compounds
smooth & adjust the sheen of a fully cured finish,
and yield the classic hand rubbed look.

Keep a separate block for each rubbing grade.
Store separately to avoid grit or dirt contamination.

B902-1000  -  $11.55  -  Quantity   

PARAFFIN OIL Lubricant • UPS Ground Only •
is used as a lubricant for rubbing a finish to sheen with pumice or rottenstone.
Saves both time and effort and yields a more even rubbing result.

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• B740-28646  -  PARAFFIN OIL, Quart Can • UPS Only •  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   
• B740-28645  -  PARAFFIN OIL, Pint Can • UPS Only •  -  $11.00  -  Quantity   

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#0000, Ultra Fine STEEL WOOL - 1 Kg. (2.2 Pound) Roll & 250g. Sleeve
liberon_0000wool.jpgLiberon Steel Wool
is produced using a high quality steel to create crumble and dust resistant wool that is virtually oil free. Use Liberon ‘Ultra Fine’ 0000 steel wool for cleaning, preparing and maintaining wood and metal finishes. Cut back between coats of Shellac, French Polishes, Varnishes and paint or oil finishes.
This flexible ultra fine abrasive is ideal for applying wax polishes.
(Apply all waxes sparingly, in thin coats, and allow the solvent to evaporate prior to buffing with a soft cotton cloth.) 
The #3 Coarse Wool is excellent for use with finish remover on thick layers of finish and removal of heavy rust corrosion.

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• SW40  -  LIBERON Oil Free STEEL WOOL - 1 Kg. Roll - #0000 Ultra Fine  -  $29.90  -  Quantity   
• SW240  -  LIBERON Oil Free STEEL WOOL - 250 gr. Slv. - #0000 Ultra Fine  -  $12.95  -  Quantity   
• SW220  -  LIBERON Oil Free STEEL WOOL - 250 gr. Sleeve - #00 Fine  -  $12.95  -  Quantity   

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PUMICE STONE (Powdered Abrasives)
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PUMICE Stone - 2F Powdered (Medium Fine, #00)
Powered Pumice is used as an abrasive and in abrasive compounds for rubbing down wood finishes. When used for rubbing down finishes use water or rubbing oil
as a lubricant to control the finish rubbing.

PUMICE Stone - 4F - Powdered (Fine, #0000)
4F Pumice is used after the medium pumice rubbing and prior to rubbing with rottenstone
or fine rubbing and polishing compounds. Add water, or rubbing oil, as a lubricant to control the rate of cutting during final finish rubbing.

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• B720-1402  -  PUMICE STONE - 2F (MEDIUM) 1 Pound, Shaker Can  -  $7.20  -  Quantity   
• PSƒƒƒ  -  PUMICE STONE - 3F (ƒƒƒ FINE) 1 Pound (Double Plastic Bag)  -  $6.20  -  Quantity   
• B720-1404  -  PUMICE STONE - 4F (FINE) 1 Pound, Shaker Can  -  $7.20  -  Quantity   

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ROTTENSTONE (Genuine Gray) 1 Pound
ROTTENSTONE (Genuine Gray)
New shaker top plastic canister.

Rottenstone is one of the finest polishing substances used for wood finish polishing to obtain a High Gloss sheen. Use Rottenstone for a final gloss polish on thoroughly cured lacquered, shellacked or varnished surfaces after first rubbing with fine Pumice Stone.

Lubricate with Behlen Wool-Lube (or rubbing lubricant) to control
and maintain an even polishing action.
Behlen Felt Blocks
are ideal for hand rubbing with Pumice
and Rottenstone polishing abrasives.

B720-15006  -  $7.20  -  Quantity   


Remove dust, dirt, lint and sanding dust residue before and between sealer
and finish coats when shellacking, staining, varnishing, antiquing, and painting.

Use just before finishing to remove the very last bit of dust
from any surfaces that would be considered clean and ready to finish.

Tack Cloths are in individually sealed packages (and Reusable)

For reuse, and to protect from contamination, store cloth in a reclosable bag.

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• TC24  -  Tack Cloths - - Box of 24  -  $20.40  -  Quantity   
• TC8  -  Tack Cloths - - Pack of 8  -  $7.12  -  Quantity   
• TC1  -  Tack Cloth - - Package of ONE  -  $0.98  -  Quantity   

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To: RENAISSANCE Wax-Polish Information Sheet
Protection for fine finishes and much more --
RENAISSANCE WAX (Ren Wax) provides a barrier against fingerprints
and the devastation of water, wine, alcohol, and other spills.

Fine Paste Wax Polish for:
Furniture, Carvings, Antiques, Metals, Porcelain,
Pottery & Ceramics, Jewelry, & more.

Contains NO Silicone.

This is our favorite wax for furniture, leather, metal and stone.

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• RW2  -  RENAISSANCE Wax-Polish - 200 ml Tin  -  $26.00  -  Quantity   
• RW6  -  RENAISSANCE Wax-Polish - 65 ml Tin  -  $15.00  -  Quantity   
• RW3L  -  RENAISSANCE Wax-Polish - 3 Litre Pail  -  $186.00  -  Quantity   

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BLUE LABEL PASTE WAX (Natural/Clear) 1 lb. Can
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Blue Label PASTE WAX
is a fine blend of waxes and pure spirits of gum spirits turpentine
that establishes and restores a sheen to all wood surfaces
while providing a protective finish at the same time.

Easy to apply and buff, Blue Label's carnauba wax blend
minimizes scratches and gives a rich luster when buffed by hand or machine.

One Pound Can

B800-12435  -  $17.00  -  Quantity   

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