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WOOL-LUBE - B730-1365 RUB Lubricant, Pint

Mohawk Finishing Products
WOOL LUBE (Rubbing Lubricant)

Product Label Text

Mohawk Wool-Lube
is a specially formulated concentrated liquid rub lubricant.

Wool-Lube is
non-toxic and non-flammable.

Wool-Lube may be mixed 1-1 with water.

Once a burn-in has been leveled and allowed to cool or harden, apply a small amount of Wool-Lube to 800 waterproof sandpaper wrapped around a cork sanding block.

Begin leveling with the grain using light even strokes (be careful not to cut through surrounding color.)

After a few strokes, stop and examine repair.
Continue sanding until repair is level with surrounding surface.

Wipe off excess Wool-Lube with a water dampened cloth.

Adjust sheen of repair with new topcoat.

• • • • •

Avoid Contact with Eyes

Follow coating manufacturer’s dry time when rubbing new finishes.

Place a small amount of
Mohawk Wool-Lube on steel wool, an abrasive pad or waterproof sandpaper.

Rub in the direction of the grain with smooth even strokes.

Reapply Wool-Lube as needed until desired rubbing effect is achieved.

Wipe off excess Wool-Lube with a water dampened cloth.

Wool-Lube will not cause adhesion problems if recoating.

Apply wax or polish as desired to protect the finish.

Additional Notes:
A more aggressive cutting action will result when Wool-Lube is mixed with water.

For Best Results when rubbing out a finish, make sure the finish is fully cured and not just dry.
Most air dry finishes need a full 21-30 days under good conditions to achieve maximum cure and hardness. The harder the finish the more predictable and consiste
nt the result.

WOOL-LUBE - B730-1365 RUB Lubricant, Pint