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Please Read: Aerosol Application Tips & Usage Guidelines


Aerosol Products
Important: Clear the Tube Before Using an Aerosol

Clearing the tube of an aerosol can is important any time the aerosol has sat for any amount of time, especially before the first use. This is a simple procedure that involves properly agitating the can (shaking for one full minute) and then spraying it for approximately 3 seconds in a safe direction but not onto the part that is going to be sprayed. This allows the material that remains in the dip tube that cannot be agitated to be evacuated and not dispensed on the job part.

When an aerosol can is filled the agitator balls are first inserted and then the can is filled with paint
(stain, glaze, lacquer, etc.). The next step is the insertion of the valve which is secured to the can by
crimping of the valve ring. After the valve is secured propellant is added to the can through the valve.
The propellant pressurizes the can. This pressure immediately forces a small amount of paint
into the dip tube of the valve. This paint in the tube settles the same as the paint in the can.
Pigments, dyes and sheen control agents, which provide color and sheen to the paint, separate from
the solvents and propellant in the can. When the can is agitated by shaking, the agitator balls help
mix the pigments and dyes with the solvents. This agitation, however, has little effect on paint in
the tube, thus it needs to be evacuated before applying the paint to the substrate and repair.

              Aerosol Tube Clearing                     
  Before Shaking                   After Shaking              After Clearing the Tube

Important: Clear the Tube AFTER Using an Aerosol

   It is equally important to clear the tube after each use to help prevent clogging
  and spitting in the future, especially for aerosols that contain
pigment or flatting paste.

Clear Aerosol TubeTo clear the tube, turn the aerosol can upside down and spray in a safe direction depressing the spray head until the liquid is no longer dispensed (only air). Then use a cloth to wipe away any liquid left on the orifice of the spray head. This procedure clears the nozzle and the spray head so the contents of the can won’t clog them. After the can sits for several days, some of the contents will re-enter the dip tube.
   Use the procedure above to assure that the unmixed
of the tube aren’t sprayed on your project.

Aerosol, SMOOTH COAT™ Lacquer M103-030 • UPS Only •
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Aerosol, Smooth Coat Lacquer(Previously BUFFCOTE - aka Waxing Lacquer - 
           - the surface feels as though it has been wax-polished)

Smooth Coat incorporates a special blend of waxes to give the lacquer a soft,
luxurious, hand-rubbed look that feels as smooth as silk without rubbing.
Smooth Coat builds the finish quickly and is fitted with a fan spray tip
to ensure a fast smooth application.

Formulated as a topcoat
Use Smooth Coat Lacquer as the final finish coat on interior furniture, antiques,
architectural woodwork, grandfather clocks, jewelry boxes, carvings, etc.

B103-030  -  $11.69  -  Quantity   
Aerosol, B101-0871 No Blush, Blush Eraser • UPS Only •

Blush Eraser is the tool you need if you work in a humid, damp, or cold climate.
Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush".
No Blush Retarder / Blush Eraser re-flows the lacquer and allows the
trapped moisture to escape without changing the existing sheen or shade of color.
Eliminates the need to sand off or chemically strip the damaged finish.
Light applications over white rings will, in most cases, remove white rings and water spots.
More than one application may be needed.

Caution: Do Not Flood the area, overuse can cause melting or running of the finish.

M103-0475  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

Aerosol, TOP COAT CLEAR LACQUER • UPS Ground Only •
Finishers Choice AerosolFINISHER'S CHOICE™ lacquers are water resistant, high solids nitrocellulose lacquer.
Top Coats' are a higher solids lacquer for use on bare wood or to build finish thickness.
FINISHER'S CHOICE lacquers and sanding sealer perform like a spray gun applied finish.
Use these aerosols when applying a new finish or on bare wood spot repairs
when rubbing out will be necessary.

Finisher's Choice aerosols are compatible with solvent base stains and
other H.Behlen / Mohawk aerosol lacquers.

For a Dead Flatt sheen, build finish with Top Coat Gloss for clarity and
then apply a final coat or two of the Jet Spray DEAD FLATT.

 For Touch-Up, and to blend Lacquers into the surrounding finish, use the Jet Spray™ Aerosols.

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• M102-0543  -  Aerosol, Finisher's Choice, B103-015 Sanding Sealer • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0540  -  Aerosol, Finishers Choice, Clear GLOSS B103-012 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-014  -  Aerosol, Top Coat / M102-0541 Lacquer, SATIN • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0542  -  Aerosol, Finishers Choice, CLEAR Lacquer, FLATT • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, 'Tone Finish' CLEAR LACQUERS
Please See Aerosol Application Tips (Click Above)
Tone Finish CLEAR
LACQUER Aerosols
Tone Finish Clear Aerosol

Clear Nitrocellulose based Lacquers are recommended as topcoats for wood grain finishes.
Use for the touch-up and repair of existing furniture and cabinet finishes.

The lower 'Tone Finish' solids seal, protect, and provide the correct
sheen adjustment to repaired areas.

Jet Spray & Tone Finish Clears are formulated to adjust repairs to the correct sheen
and to blend well into existing finishes.

For bare or stripped surfaces or to build a finish, the higher solids
FINISHER'S CHOICE™Top Coat aerosol lacquers are recommended.

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• B101-0803  -  Aerosol, M102-0423 CLEAR SANDING SEALER • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0420  -  Aerosol, B101-0800 CLEAR Lacquer, GLOSS • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0419  -  Aerosol, Tone Finish CLEAR Lacquer SEMI-GLOSS  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-0801  -  Aerosol, M102-0422 CLEAR Lacquer, SATIN • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0421  -  Aerosol, B101-0802 CLEAR Lacquer, FLATT • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0485  -  Aerosol, B101-0883 CLEAR Lacq. DEAD FLATT • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Pre-Cat LacquerPre-Cat lacquers feature excellent flow out for touch-up use.
The dry film is very durable and adheres where other finishes will not.

• Excels in flow-out, adhesion and hold-out.
• Fast-drying, resistant to yellowing.
• Leaves no halo on spot repairs.
• Very Good clarity and durability
Pre-Cat Lacquer aerosols have been tested and approved
for furniture factory touch-up on pre-catalyzed finishes.

An excellent choice for Kitchen and Bath cabinets.

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• B103-023  -  Aerosol, Pre-Cat M102-0413 Lacquer, Sanding SEALER • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-020  -  Aerosol, Pre-Cat Lacquer, M102-0410 GLOSS • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0415  -  Aerosol, Pre-Cat Lacquer, SEMI-GLOSS • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-021  -  Aerosol, Pre-Cat Lacquer, M102-0412 SATIN • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0416  -  Aerosol, Pre-Cat Lacquer, MATTE • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0411  -  Aerosol, Pre-Cat Lacquer, FLATT • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, Vinyl Clear LACQUER SEALER • UPS Only •
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Aerosol, Vinyl  LACQUER SEALER
Clear Lacquer is a flexible, high solids, moisture resistant,
Vinyl Lacquer Sealer with good atomization.
Vinyl Sealer lays a perfect foundation for Stringed Instrument Lacquer.
It’s also a great sealer for any topcoat whether being used for spot repairs or an entire finish.

When used in conjunction with pre-catalyzed lacquer aerosols, the combination creates
a moisture resistant finish suitable for spot repairs on kitchen and bath cabinets.

& M102-8000
Also available in Quarts & Gallons

M102-8000  -  $8.69  -  Quantity   
Aerosol, HEAVY BODIED Sanding Sealer • UPS Only •
Used to repair light scratches, packing marks and light indentations.

Heavy Bodied Sanding Sealer contains additional fillers
to perform the repair in less time.


  •  Ultra low sheen, highly blush resistant
  •  Higher solids, higher build

   (Note: The Extra solids require Extra SHAKING to assure even results)

Net. 13 oz.
M102-0491  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

Aerosol, Instrument Lacquer, Gloss M113-1406 • UPS Only •
See: Label Text & Application Information
Stringed Instrument Lacquer aerosol, is the same formula as our 'SIL' packaged in quarts and gallons. 'SIL' is formulated specifically as a high-quality finish on thin, flexible tone-woods such as those used in stringed instruments. Instrument Lacquer is made to withstand the expansion and contraction that is characteristic in the unique construction of stringed instruments.

Note: Vinyl Sealer is flexible by nature and therefore, it is the only sealer
that should be used under CLASSIC Stringed Instrument Lacquer.
This combination yields excellent sound quality.
        ••• Available in Quart & Gallon Cans

B104-1406  -  $11.59  -  Quantity   
Aerosol - WATER CLEAR Acrylic LACQUERS • UPS Ground Only •
Acrylic coatings are crystal clear and non-yellowing.
Acrylic Lacquer is a water clear protective coating for furniture, paper and plastic products.
Clear Acrylic lacquers may be sprayed on almost any surface (wood, metals, etc.).
Acrylic aerosols are compatible with Behlen & Mohawk touch-up products.

When a clear finish is needed over whites, bright colors, or light wood tones,

to retain clarity and color a Water Clear Acrylic is the answer.

                                  Available: Gloss - Satin - Flatt

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• B103-016  -  Aerosol, Water Clear Acrylic, M102-0426 - GLOSS • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-017  -  Aerosol, Water Clear Acrylic, M102-0427- SATIN • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M102-0428  -  Aerosol, Water Clear Acrylic, FLATT • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, CLEAR LACQUER for BRASS, B103-0500 • UPS Only •
Lacquer for Brass
Mohawk & Behlen (M103-0500 & B103-0500)
is a water clear, non-yellowing and durable coating
for superior adhesion to metal surfaces.
Lacquer for Brass will keep brass and brass-plated surfaces bright and looking new.
This PH neutral Clear Gloss lacquer is formulated 
for use on non-ferrous metals to prevent tarnishing, and for corrosion protection.
Adhesion to metal surfaces is excellent.

-- 13oz. Aerosol

M103-0500  -  $8.20  -  Quantity   
Aerosol, BURN-IN SEALER, M103-0467 • UPS Only •

Burn-In Sealer
(aka -- Sheen Protector)
may be sprayed over a Burn-In Stick repair
to eliminate an unwanted gloss sheen
or "halo" prior to top-coating with a clear lacquer finish.

13 Oz Can
B101-0867 & M103-0467 

B101-0867  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

Aerosol, Premier™ Heavy Bodied Lacquer SEALER • UPS Only •
Premier Heavy Bodied SEALER

PREMIER Professional Lacquer Sprays
are formulated with exactly the right amount of solids.
These aerosols will facilitate touch-up and finishing
without blushing or over-spray under normal conditions.

12 ounce aerosol cans.

P545  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   

Aerosol, Premier™ Clear GLOSS Lacquer • UPS Only •
Premier Clear GLOSS
P540  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Premier™ Clear SEMI-GLOSS Lacquer • UPS Only •
Premier Clear SEMI-GLOSS
P541  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Premier™ Clear SATIN Lacquer • UPS Only •
Premier Clear SATIN
P544  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Premier™ Clear FLATT Lacquer • UPS Only •
Premier Clear FLATT
P542  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Premier™ Clear DEAD FLATT Lacquer • UPS Only •
Premier Clear DEAD FLATT
P543  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Premier™ Lacquer, RETARDER / LEVELER • UPS Only •
Premier Lacquer RETARDER / LEVELER
High humidity or cold weather can cause a finish to turn white or "blush".
RETARDER / LEVELER is an effective blush remover in an aerosol.
Use for those extreme blushing conditions that need to be corrected.
The leveling solvents help eliminate over-spray or 'orange-peel' roughness to yield a smooth level finish.
Also used for redissolving and/or improving the flow-out of a previous lacquer application.

P539  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Premier™ GLOSS Flow-Out Lacquer • UPS Only •
Premier GLOSS Flow-Out Lacquer
P546  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Premier™ FLATT Flow-Out Lacquer • UPS Only •
Premier FLATT Flow-Out Lacquer
P547  -  $7.89 $7.69 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Aerosol, Bulls Eyeฎ SHELLAC 'Clear' • UPS Only •
Bulls Eye® SHELLAC 'Clear'

Shellac in a spray can is perfect for crafts and small projects.
This finish yields a lustrous glow that won’t darken or yellow with age.

• All-Natural, non-toxic, easy to use
• Classic finish for wood trim, paneling, and furniture
• Great protective sealer for crafts and household projects
• Dries fast - can be recoated in under 45 minutes
• Does not darken or yellow with age
• Easy clean up with alcohol or ammonia and water

For Best Results - Be sure surface is clean, dry and sound. Remove any wax with mineral spirits.

AZS  -  $8.95  -  Quantity   

Aerosol, Wax Wash Cleaner Wax Remover • UPS Only •
Click above for more info
  -  Wood Cleaner & Wax Remover

Aerosol Wax WashWax Wash removes wax, oil and foreign materials from most surfaces in one application.
Prior to applying a new finish or spot repair, clean surface with Wax Wash Remover.
The presence of oil, wax or foreign materials on a surface can retard drying
of a new finish which can be avoided by cleaning with Wax Wash Remover.
Benzene, Naphtha or Alcohol by themselves will not remove
all foreign matter as well as this product.
Ideal to use on furniture, woodwork and appliances prior to refinishing.

The aerosol can is convenient for onsite finish repairs, No Spilling.

M107-0190  -  $11.90  -  Quantity