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Waxy Flake Shellacs

Descriptions & Photos by Product Category

info: Shellac Mixing & Application ... Pound Cut Mixing Chart ... Guide To French Polishing (PDF)

Please Read: Denatured Alcohols & Shellac Solvents - All Denatured Alcohols are NOT the Same

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DENATURED Alcohol, BEHKOL / Shellac Reducer • UPS Only •
DENATURED ALCOHOL Shellac Solvent / Reducer
Behkol Shellc Reducer

DENATURED Alcohol, Mohawk Shellac Reducer / (Behlen Behkol B650-2816),
is formulated specifically to dissolve shellac flakes,
and dilute or 'cut' liquid Shellacs.

See the: Shellac Pound Cut Mixing Chart

Shellac Reducer (Behkol / Denatured Alcohol) will make a shellac that has
a little more open
or 'working time', a good solvent choice for mixing your own shellac
 Also used to dissolve Behlen & alcohol Aniline Dyes when used as an Alcohol Dye.
   Note: The 5 Gallon pails are Pick-Up or North Bay and Bay area delivery Only.
        Call to arrange details.

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• M650-5056  -  DENATURED Alcohol/Behkol Shellac Reducer - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $12.95  -  Quantity   
• M650-0057  -  DENATURED Alcohol/Behkol Shellac Reducer, GALLON • UPS Only •  -  $35.95  -  Quantity   
• M650-0058  -  DENATURED Alcohol/Behkol Shellac Reducer - 5 GAL. • Please Phone •  -  $105.60  -  Quantity   

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Click above for more info:
- The HOT Weather additive.
Slows Shellac Drying, helps to eliminate brush marks, promotes a smooth surface,
and minimizes orange-peel or over-spray when spraying. 
When the shellac is drying too fast due to heat, low humidity, or excessive airflow,
add just enough shellac retarder to enable easy application and flow-out.
 Especially helpful in hot dry conditions or when air flow or drafts causes overly fast drying.
       Quart Bottle  ••• NOT for use with Lacquers.

SRQ  -  $12.00  -  Quantity   
 Handmade Shellac Flake
A thicker traditional hand-made flake with
rich Warm Cinnamon Amber Orange tones.

A good choice for restoration of older
classic interior and furniture finishes.
Use to enhance the tones of Mahogany,
Rosewood, Cherry etc.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• HY1  -  HAND MADE, Lemon YELLOW Flake Shellac - 1 Lb  -  $35.95  -  Quantity   
• HY8  -  HAND MADE, Lemon YELLOW Flake Shellac - 1/2 Lb  -  $18.95  -  Quantity   
• HY4  -  HAND MADE, Lemon YELLOW Flake Shellac - 1/4 Lb  -  $9.85  -  Quantity   
• HY5  -  HAND MADE, Lemon YELLOW Flake Shellac - 5 Lb  -  $174.75  -  Quantity   

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Medium Yellow color similar in tone
and slightly lighter than the Lemon Yellow/Orange.

MMTN flake is Extremely Thin & dissolves very quickly.

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• TN1  -  GOSSAMER, MMTN Shellac (Thin Flake) - 1 Lb  -  $33.65  -  Quantity   
• TN8  -  GOSSAMER, MMTN Shellac (Thin Flake) - 1/2 Lb  -  $17.30  -  Quantity   
• TN4  -  GOSSAMER, MMTN Shellac (Thin Flake) - 1/4 Lb  -  $9.30  -  Quantity   
• TN5  -  GOSSAMER, MMTN Shellac (Thin Flake) - 5 Lb  -  $163.24  -  Quantity   

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LEMON Yellow / Orange Flake SHELLAC
Click on line above for Photos

Lemon Yellow Shellac

An excellent general purpose waxy shellac flake
of a warm creamy Lemon Yellow Orange color tone.

the Flake will look darker than the Mixed Liquid

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• LF1  -  LEMON Flake; Yellow / Orange Shellac - 1 Lb  -  $27.90  -  Quantity   
• LF8  -  LEMON Flake; Yellow / Orange Shellac - 1/2 Lb  -  $14.50  -  Quantity   
• LF4  -  LEMON Flake; Yellow / Orange Shellac - 1/4 Lb  -  $7.95  -  Quantity   
• LF5  -  LEMON Flake; Yellow / Orange Shellac - 5 Lb  -  $132.00  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, Bulls Eye® SHELLAC 'Clear' • UPS Only •
for More Information: Click Above
Bulls Eye® SHELLAC

Shellac in a spray can is perfect for crafts and small projects.
This finish yields a lustrous glow that won’t darken or yellow with age.

• All-Natural, non-toxic, easy to use

• Classic finish for wood trim, paneling, and furniture
• Great protective sealer for crafts and household projects
• Dries fast - can be recoated in under 45 minutes
• Does not darken or yellow with age
• Easy clean up with alcohol or ammonia and water

For Best Results - Be sure surface is clean, dry and sound. Remove any wax with mineral spirits.
AZS  -  $12.65  -  Quantity   

Black Shellac

• On Light toned woods, the First coat yields a rich
   medium Cordovan (Bluish-Red) Mahogany.

• A second Coat is Deeper &
   Dark Cordovan toned Black.

• The third coat yields the BLACK with a
   shadowed hint of a DEEP Blackish-Purple tone.

New Stock Arriving Soon (6/22/20)

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• BSF1  -  BLACK Shellac Flake - 1 Lb  -  $33.95  -  Quantity   
• BSF8  -  BLACK Shellac Flake - 1/2 Lb  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   
• BSF4  -  BLACK Shellac Flake - 1/4 Lb  -  $9.95  -  Quantity   

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More Info: Click Above
Natural Bristle Single fill, Only (1/4 - 5/16 in) thick.
Classic glider design, ideal for Shellac & Varnish.
This brush will yield a thin, uniform application
of shellac or varnish. 
The natural bristle brush is ideal for
shellac, varnish, 
and faux finishing of woodwork and furniture.
Pictured Sizes 20 - 80 mm


Genuine OMEGA, made in Italy. 

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• VBSET.3  -  Brush, Lily Varnish, Set of 3 - 30, 50 & 80mm  -  $74.50 $67.05 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• VBSET.7  -  Brush, Lily Varnish, Set of all 7  -  $177.00 $159.30 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• VB2  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 20 mm (.79 in.)  -  $14.50  -  Quantity   
• VB3  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 30 mm (1.25 in.)  -  $15.50  -  Quantity   
• VB4  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 40 mm (1.57 in.)  -  $18.50  -  Quantity   
• VB5  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 50 mm (1.97 in.)  -  $23.50  -  Quantity   
• VB7  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 70 mm (2.76 in.)  -  $28.50  -  Quantity   
• VB8  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 80 mm (3.15 in.)  -  $35.50  -  Quantity   
• VB100  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 100 mm (3.94 in.)  -  $41.00  -  Quantity   

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SEEDLAC is the least processed shellac. All other shellacs are made from this raw seedlac resin. The insect feeds on the sap of the tree and secretes the Lac as a protective shell in which the female lay their eggs.
Seedlac is made from the branches that are covered by the Lac resin left by the lac bug, known as sticklac.
The sticklac is crushed to yield the seedlac.  The Seedlac is sieved to remove organic materials, washed and dried in open air.

BUTTON Shellac has toughness and mar resistance that makes it the preferred shellac for finishing floors, interior woodwork and French polishing musical instruments.

Waxy Shellac: Wax content provides some flexibility & moisture resistance.
'Waxy' shellacs are a good choice when the finish will be shellac only.

Use a DEWAXED Shellac for a universal sealer / primer and as a transitional coating between dissimilar finishes. Use a Dewaxed Shellac when the topcoat, for extra water & alcohol resistance, will be a varnish, lacquer or urethane.