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PDE™ is formulated to remove protein based paints such as Milk Paint.

Behlen PDE™ Paint Remover comes as a powder.
Simply mix the powder with water to create a remover that will
effectively dissolve up to 8 layers of old, latex, casein, oil paint, and milk paint.

• Non-toxic  • No fumes  • No fire hazard.

Not for use on shellac, varnish, lacquer, or urethanes.

B700-10005  -  $16.00  -  Quantity   

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- H Behlen DVD

This BEHLEN DVD is designed to teach you the most up-to-date wood finish
touch-up and repair methods in the industry. Beginners in finish repair and the
professional touch-up technician will find this a valuable tool for learning
and reviewing the latest in furniture service procedures.

"Better than any book for the subjects covered!"

Highly recommended!

B900-0040  -  $10.00 $5.85 - On SALE ! Quantity   
Video, Wood Touch Up & Repair DVD - SPANISH
DVD de retoque y reparación de madera
       Wood Touch Up & Repair in Spanish
Mohawk SPANISH DVD Touch-UpEl sistema de entrenamiento iteractivo de
Mohawk está diseñado para entrenarlo a Ud.
a hacer retoques y arreglos sobre productos
de madera haciendo uso de las técnicas más
avanzadas que existen al respecto en esta industria.

Este video interactivo incluye instrucciones
sobre las siguientes áreas:
• El análisis del daño   • El relleno de los daños   • El reemplazo de colores
• El reemplazo de las vetas   • La aplicación por puntos de um acabado
• El ajuste del brillo   • La eliminación de rayas    • El cuidado del acabado
• ...Y muchas más

“Este es un excelente DVD para el aprendizaje de reparaciones de acabado de madera”
" This is an excellent DVD for learning wood finish repairs"

M900-0060  -  $9.00  -  Quantity   

GUITAR FINISHING gives very specific instructions for guitar finishing with aerosols.
It shows the necessary steps for a toned finish, a sunburst effect, and a clear finish using Behlen Vinyl Sealer, Stringed Instrument Lacquer, Starcast Amber Guitar Toner,
and Encore Brown Guitar Toner aerosols.
View the DVD and then come back for the necessary products for your instrument.

B900-0050 & M900-0070
This DVD is included in the Guitar Finishing Kit B881-2000.

The kit includes the products needed to apply the finish shown on the DVD.

B900-0050  -  $9.00  -  Quantity   
Video, Professional Wood Finishing DVD
Professional Finishing System® DVD
Wood Finishing DVD
The Mohawk Professional Finishing System® Interactive Training System
is designed to show you how to produce today's most popular finishes
with the Mohawk
Professional Finishing System® products.

By following the steps shown in this interactive DVD, you will be able to confidently recreate new and traditional finishes using Mohawk's wood finishing products.
    (156 min)
Learn wood finishing at your own pace. Packed with information to view and review.

M900-0030  -  $9.00  -  Quantity   
Creating Historic Furniture Finishes - DVD
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Creating Historic Furniture Finishes
By Don Williams
Create a Classic Finish!
Give your reproduction and new furniture the look of a priceless antique.
Creating Historic Furniture Finishes demonstrates the simple tools and techniques needed to finish furniture like artisans used hundreds of years ago.
Join Don Williams and get the answers to your curiosities about historic finishing. You'll learn to prepare your tools and materials to apply your newfound knowledge.
Learn from the historic finishing professional in this DVD 2+ hour.
Don Williams is a conservator and scholar, having worked three decades
as a Senior Furniture Conservator at the Smithsonian Institution.

DVDCHF  -  $29.99 $22.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   
2 Books; FRENCH Polishers (1910) & FRENCH Polishing
French Polishing - 2 Book Special
The French Polisher's Handbook (1910 reprint)
          &   FRENCH POLISHING
by Derek Jones (Pub 2012)

FREE (US Mail) Shipping (a $7.20 Savings) with the purchase of both books
(see book descriptions below)
FPBS  -  $32.90  -  Quantity   

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(1910 Reprint) 104 pages, 5.8 in. x 8.3 in.

This Reprint is spiral bound with a protective cover -
great for in-shop use, lays perfectly flat & folds back on itself.
Pagination and format is an exact facsimile of the original book.

A valuable resource for those working on antiques.
Several historic finishing recipes are included.
The book includes some fascinating 'lost' information and recipes for furniture stains.

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• FPB  -  FRENCH POLISHER'S HANDBOOK - Reprint  -  $16.00  -  Quantity   
• FPBO  -  FRENCH POLISHER'S Handbook, With Product Order  -  $14.95  -  Quantity   

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Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques.

Derek Jones demystifies the process, demonstrating that
this finish is easier than most people think.
French polishing consists of laying down one thin coat of shellac
over another 
to produce a tough, high-gloss finish.

• Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques
• Well illustrated, over 150 Color Photos, and many highlighted ‘Pro Tips’

• Paperback • 5 7/8 x 8 1/4 • 112 pages

BFPDJ  -  $16.95 $14.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   

Finisher's COLORWHEEL™
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The Finisher's COLOR WHEEL™

The Color Wheel was created to help the finisher / woodworker visualize
typical wood finishing tints.
The interconnected discs rotate to show how Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Van Dyke Brown etc. can be intermixed to create specific wood tone colors.

Use the color wheel to help take the guesswork out of blending colors.

M900-1050  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   
PRANG Rotating COLOR WHEEL - 5 1/8 in.
See: Color Theory for the Finisher  &  Using the Color Computer

The Prang color system lends itself to wood tones and
color mixing for furniture finishing.

The Color Wheel is easy to understand,
using a revolving disc with windows showing resultant color mixes.

Highly recommended to every finisher.  
--- Instructions Included.

M115-3050  -  $11.50  -  Quantity   
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#741 D-WaxerM712-1906 WAX WASH / DE-WAXER #741 - Wood CLEANER & WAX REMOVER
is a specially formulated blend of solvents.
For best repair and rub-out results, first prepare and clean the surfaces with
WAX WASH / De-Waxer to remove waxes, oil and other foreign material
from bare woods, new finishes, and aged wood finishes.

Wax deposits that remain after the use of paint, lacquer, and varnish removers
can be eliminated with use of WAX WASH / De-Waxer #741.

Quart Can

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• M712-1906  -  De-Waxer / WAX WASH, Wood Cleaner, Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $15.60  -  Quantity   

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Furniture REFINISHER - Quart • UPS Only •
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· Easy to use
· Dissolves: Lacquer, Shellacs, Varnish
· Economical · No stripping · No Stripper Mess

Behlen Furniture Refinisher easily removes shellac, varnish, or lacquered finishes on furniture, cabinets, or woodwork. It quickly melts through the old finish
without stripping the wood of natural oils or its patina.
It can be used for restoring a worn finish or to renew a favorite piece.

Furniture Refinisher is an excellent 'after wash' for furniture that has been stripped using conventional finish removers. Furniture Refinisher leaves the wood rich and warm, and free of residues that can cause a white haze, as do many other refinishers.
Never use this product around an open flame.

B740-1336  -  $17.95 $16.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   
These extra strong (8 mil thick) and extra long (12”) medical grade gloves provide added protection for the wrist and lower forearm.
GlovePlus Heavy Duty nitrile maintains excellent sensitivity while being twice as thick as standard nitrile gloves.

Perfect for furniture finishing and refinishing, machine repair,
automotive, industrial, manufacturing, janitorial, EMS, medical,
food preparation, and child care.

 • Latex & Powder Free, Ambidextrous, Textured
 • Micro-roughened for non-slip wet gripping power.
We love these gloves they wear well & can be reused. • 50 gloves per box.
Select: Ex-Large for larger hands -  Large for medium sized hands & Medium for small hands. 

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• NGXL  -  Nitrile GLOVES - Box of 50, Extra Large  -  $10.95 $9.95 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• NGXL4  -  Nitrile GLOVES - EXTRA LARGE -- 4 PAIR  -  $3.20 $2.40 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• NGLG  -  Nitrile GLOVES - Box-50, 8mil HD 12in - LARGE  -  $10.95 $9.95 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• NGLG4  -  Nitrile GLOVES - LARGE -- 4 PAIR  -  $3.20 $2.40 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• NGMED  -  Nitrile GLOVES - Box of 50, MEDIUM  -  $10.95 $9.95 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• NGMED4  -  Nitrile GLOVES - MEDIUM -- 4 PAIR  -  $3.20 $2.40 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   

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3M 8511 Particulate Respirator

8511 N95 Particulate Respirator with Breather Valve

Recommended for preparation before finishing NIOSH Approved: N95.
Two-strap design with welded point attachment helps provide a secure seal.

Proprietary Cool Flow Valve
reduces heat build up, moisture, and fogging.

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• 8511.2  -  3M 8511 PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR - 2 PACK  -  $4.50  -  Quantity   
• 8511.10  -  3M 8511 PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR - Box of 10  -  $24.50  -  Quantity   

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NEW Bib APRON - Wine Red
NEW APRON - Bib Style
at a reasonable price

Currently Available: Wine RED
Cotton blend, pencil pocket & 2 waist pockets
Overall width: 27 in. -- length: 35 in.

APRON.N  -  $4.90  -  Quantity   

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Natural Bristle Single fill, Only (1/4 - 5/16 in) thick.
Classic glider design, ideal for Shellac & Varnish.
This brush will yield a thin, uniform application
of shellac or varnish. 
The natural bristle brush is ideal for
shellac, varnish, 
and faux finishing of woodwork and furniture.
Pictured Sizes 20 - 80 mm


Genuine OMEGA, made in Italy. 

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• VBSET.3  -  Brush, Lily Varnish, Set of 3 - 30, 50 & 80mm  -  $74.50 $67.05 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• VBSET.7  -  Brush, Lily Varnish, Set of all 7  -  $177.00 $159.30 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• VB2  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 20 mm (.79 in.)  -  $14.50  -  Quantity   
• VB3  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 30 mm (1.25 in.)  -  $15.50  -  Quantity   
• VB4  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 40 mm (1.57 in.)  -  $18.50  -  Quantity   
• VB5  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 50 mm (1.97 in.)  -  $23.50  -  Quantity   
• VB7  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 70 mm (2.76 in.)  -  $28.50  -  Quantity   
• VB8  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 80 mm (3.15 in.)  -  $35.50  -  Quantity   
• VB100  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 100 mm (3.94 in.)  -  $41.00  -  Quantity   
• RVB18  -  Brush, Omega Ring Varnish #760, 18mm (11/16 Dia.)  -  $17.80  -  Quantity   
• RVB26  -  Brush, Omega Ring Varnish #760.6, 26mm (1 in. Dia.)  -  $23.00  -  Quantity   

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Brush, Omega Ring Varnish #760, 18mm (11/16 Dia.)
Round, versatile, natural nero bristle, shellac or varnish brush.

18 mm (.71in) Diameter

RVB18  -  $17.80  -  Quantity   
CHIP BRUSHES (China Bristle brushes)
Chip Brushes are disposable utility brushes made with white China bristle.
Use for applying water or alcohol dye, stains, paint removers, glues, bleach, epoxies, dusting wood and metal chips, and for cleaning machinery.

• Square trimmed white China natural hog bristle
• Natural bare wood handle
• Inexpensive enough to use as a one time throw away brush

Our favorite brush for all water or alcohol solvent dye materials.

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• CB1  -  CHIP BRUSH, 1 Inch  -  $0.59  -  Quantity   
• CB2  -  CHIP BRUSH, 2 Inch  -  $0.79  -  Quantity   
• CB3  -  CHIP BRUSH, 3 Inch  -  $1.49  -  Quantity   
• CB4  -  CHIP BRUSH, SINGLE THICK - 4 Inch  -  $2.29  -  Quantity   
• CB4D  -  CHIP BRUSH, DOUBLE THICK - 4 Inch  -  $2.79  -  Quantity   

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foam-brush.jpgInexpensive flexible (throw away) foam brush for the application of
enamel, latex, oil paint, stain and varnish.
Will smooth and cover evenly with fewer strokes, eliminating brush marks or loose bristles.
• Wood handle with polyurethane foam brush (A TOP QUALITY Foam Brush)
NOT for use with shellac, lacquer or active solvents

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• 141D  -  Poly Foam Brush, 1 inch (Dozen)  -  $5.64  -  Quantity   
• 141  -  Poly Foam Brush, 1 inch  -  $0.59  -  Quantity   
• 142D  -  Poly Foam Brush, 2 inch (Dozen)  -  $8.64  -  Quantity   
• 142  -  Poly Foam Brush, 2 inch  -  $0.89  -  Quantity   
• 143D  -  Poly Foam Brush, 3 inch (Dozen)  -  $10.08  -  Quantity   
• 143  -  Poly Foam Brush, 3 inch  -  $0.99  -  Quantity   

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Touch-Up Brushes are used for for blending and color correcting spot background fill-ins and
touch-up repairs with Behlen Furniture Powders and 2 Minute Repair Liquid.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• B901-3492  -  BRUSH, Sable Touch Up #2 - 1/2" Bristle  -  $9.50  -  Quantity   
• B901-3494  -  BRUSH, Sable Touch Up #4 - 11/16" Bristle  -  $11.70  -  Quantity   
• B901-3496  -  BRUSH, Sable Touch Up #6 - 7/8" Bristle  -  $16.95  -  Quantity   

Please enter quantities of desired items above then click

A select brush for adding fine grain lines to spot finish repairs with Furniture Powders and the 2 Minute Repair Liquid.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• B901-1274  -  BRUSH, Sable Graining #4 - 7/8" Bristle  -  $8.60  -  Quantity   
• B901-1276  -  BRUSH, Sable Graining #6 - 1" Bristle  -  $11.00  -  Quantity   

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BRUSH, Sable GRAINER #3585 Series
Sable GRAINER Brush (#3585 Series)
Round ferrule Dull Black Wood Handle,  ideal for laying in missing grain.
Overall length ... 6.75 - 7in.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• 3585-0  -  Brush, Sable Grainer 3585 - # 0  -  $4.90  -  Quantity   
• 3585-3/0  -  Brush, Sable Grainer 3585 - # 3/0  -  $5.00  -  Quantity   
• 3585-2  -  Brush, Sable Grainer 3585 - # 2  -  $5.20  -  Quantity   

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Brush, Badger 4004 GLAZE BRUSHES
The 4004 series Glaze Brushes are the ultimate in glazing
The 4004's are hand-assembled, badger and natural hair, flag bristled, cup chiseled brush. The bristles secured in a double epoxy setting (for less chance of hair loss), are attached by a durable brass ferrule to the natural finished thin wooden handle for better balance when flowing on finish.
(Photo: 3 inch brush)

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• B901-40043  -  Brush, Badger GLAZE BRUSH, M901-3002 - 2" Wide  -  $27.95  -  Quantity   
• B901-40045  -  Brush, Badger GLAZE BRUSH, M901-3003 - 3" Wide  -  $37.95  -  Quantity   

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Medium & Fine Mesh STRAINERS
filter foreign matter or undissolved solid particles found in stains or finish coatings.Paper Cone 6 in Dia., full flow cloth mesh tip for no finish left in the strainer performance.
Seed, Button and Black shellacs benefit by filtering through layers
of medium Cheese Cloth first.

Use Fine Mesh for final straining of shellac, varnish, lacquers, and most any furniture finish, especially when spraying.

Strain through Medium filter followed by FINE mesh straining for best results

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• FCM20  -  Paper Paint Strainer Cones; MEDIUM - Pack of 20  -  $4.50  -  Quantity   
• PS-500M  -  Paper Paint Strainer Cones; MEDIUM - Pack of 8  -  $1.98  -  Quantity   
• FCF20  -  Paper Paint Strainer Cones; FINE - Pack of 20  -  $4.98  -  Quantity   
• FCF8  -  Paper Paint Strainer Cones; FINE - Pack of 8  -  $2.18  -  Quantity   

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Slideez LubricantLubricates wood, metal, plastic.
The semi-paste consistency lasts much longer than other forms of lubricant.
Drawers, windows, and doors work easier with an application of Slideez™.
It prevents binding of all moving parts. 

• Slideez™ is also good for starting screws.
• An excellent rust preventative for tools used in gardens and metal objects in storage.
Slideez™ will not stain or cake and is non-flammable.  •• Contains NO Silicone. 
   1 Pint / 16 Oz Jar

M750-1205  -  $26.60  -  Quantity   


Remove dust, dirt, lint and sanding dust residue before and between sealer
and finish coats when shellacking, staining, varnishing, antiquing, and painting.

Use just before finishing to remove the very last bit of dust
from any surfaces that would be considered clean and ready to finish.

Tack Cloths are in individually sealed packages (and Reusable)

For reuse, and to protect from contamination, store cloth in a reclosable bag.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• TC24  -  Tack Cloths - - Box of 24  -  $20.40  -  Quantity   
• TC8  -  Tack Cloths - - Pack of 8  -  $7.12  -  Quantity   
• TC1  -  Tack Cloth - - Package of ONE  -  $0.98  -  Quantity   

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CHEESE CLOTH, 3/4 Lb Roll (100 Pre-Cut 3 ply Pieces)

Premium Aerospace quality; Bleached, Bright White, Soft, 100% Cotton.
Use cheesecloth to apply wiping stains, polishes, or padding
lacquers, and in multiple layers to strain shellac, stains, varnishes, and paints.
Excellent for polishing furniture, buffing wax & general dusting.

100 - Precut Pieces per Roll = 60 Stretched Yards / Roll.
100 - 18" Long x 9.5 - 10" Wide Folded on Roll = 30" Unfolded Pieces
        (Folded 3-ply to fit on Roll)

CCR.75  -  $18.95 $16.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   
CHEESE CLOTH - 1/2 Pound
    Our 100% cotton cheese cloth is a medium to medium-tight weave.
A non-graded product, however generally consistent and in good usable sizes.
    Excellent for use in the finishing shop for polishing and filtering.
/2 Pound, Re-closable Bag - Approx. 6.5 Sq. yards

CC08  -  $7.95  -  Quantity   
Clean, lint free, lightweight, soft textured, closely woven cloth prevents streaking.
Used for ‘French Polishing’ and hand application of padding finishes:
   • French Lac™ light amber French padding finish
   • Qualasole™ the modern “French Polish"
   • Qualarenu™ Amalgamator
   • Violin Varnish for musical instruments
   • Woodturner’s Finish™ for padding a finish on the lathe

     Also, an excellent cloth for polishing.  1/2 Pound (Reclosable Bag)

B901-108  -  $7.65  -  Quantity   


The classic traditional filler for French polishing pads.
The 'waste' comes from the cotton yarn
or ends of loom warp threads.

An excellent filler to make pads with our
Trace cloth / French polishing cloth.

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• LFCW  -  COTTON WASTE, 1/2 Lb. Recloseable Bag  -  $2.35  -  Quantity   
• LFCW.1  -  COTTON WASTE, 1 Lb. Bag  -  $4.20  -  Quantity   

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White COTTON RAGS (Table Linens)
    • Assorted 100 % White Cotton.
    • Sanitized recycled table linen
    • Triple Washed
    • Cut to assorted rag sizes. 

       1 Pound - Reusable, Durable Zipper-Top Plastic Bag

WCR1  -  $2.69  -  Quantity   
Colored & White COTTON RAGS - 1 Pound Bag
Colored & White Assorted Cotton Rags
   • T-Shirt and other selected Cotton materials
   • Washed, Sanitized
   • General purpose rags for cleaning and maintenance

     The absorbent nature of cotton material is excellent for Cleaning & Wiping Stains, Dyes, and Glazes.
        1 Pound - Zip-Top Plastic Bag - Assorted rag sizes.

CTSR1  -  $1.49  -  Quantity   
Clink link above for more information

The perfect and preferred sponges for faux finishing.
Native to the waters of Florida, sea sponges are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Use for faux finishing, marbleizing, texturing, sponge painting, pottery, ceramics, staining, dye application, paint stippling and more.

Natural Sea Yellow Sponges are collected from the warm clear waters of Rock Island, Florida, Gulf coast. A durable and soft sponge of good quality. The divers collect these sponges with great care, preserving the ocean bed for lasting and fruitful harvest year after year.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• NSS.4  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 4-5 inch  -  $4.50  -  Quantity   
• NSS.6  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 6-7 inch  -  $7.70  -  Quantity   
• NSS.8  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 8-9 inch  -  $10.60  -  Quantity   
• NSS.10  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 10-11 inch  -  $14.40  -  Quantity   

Please enter quantities of desired items above then click

Polyurethane Sponge
Polyurethane Sponge  New Item
A good general purpose sponge
Apply water dyes, prewett wood to raise grain, spread dye or stains
• Hydrophiliated design provides high water holding capacity
• Denser and more durable than imported sponges.
• Super absorbent
• Durable
• Rinses clean

PTS.1  -  $2.50 $1.45 - On SALE ! Quantity   
HARD RUBBER Sanding & Rubbing BLOCK
HARD RUBBER Sanding & Rubbing BLOCK
Rubber BlockThe rubber block is always a flat surface. It will never swell or warp when wet,
and never shallow out a repair. Use with sandpaper or nylon abrasive pads for
uniform scuff sanding. Cover with Micro Mesh paper for hi-gloss finishes.
Cover the block with 100% cotton cloth for use with water
or solvent base compounds for buffing. Non porous, won't absorb grit, washes clean.
Sized to fit comfortably in the hand, 3 3/4 x 2 x 1 inches.
M902-3000  -  $14.95  -  Quantity   
CORK BLOCK - 2x4x1 in.
CORK BLOCK (2"x4"x1")

Cork is more aggressive than felt when used for rubbing finishes.

Use with Wool Lube™
and 600-800 Wet or Dry abrasive paper to
remove and level excess Burn-In Stick

B902-2000  -  $11.00  -  Quantity   

FELT BLOCK - 2x4x1 in.
FELT BLOCKS (2"x4"x1")

Felt Blocks are used with pumice, rottenstone and rubbing compounds
smooth & adjust the sheen of a fully cured finish,
and yield the classic hand rubbed look.

Keep a separate block for each rubbing grade.
Store separately to avoid grit or dirt contamination.

B902-1000  -  $12.75  -  Quantity   

Empty High Density PLASTIC BOTTLES

Cylinder Round Natural (translucent) Plastic Bottles.

Includes the Flip-Top Spout Cap.

The 3mm spout orifice provides an easy and neat means
of measuring or dispensing small amounts of dye, solvent, or shellac.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• PBP  -  Empty High Den. Plastic Bottle / Flip Top Cap, (16 Oz) PINT  -  $1.49  -  Quantity   
• PBQ  -  Empty High Den. Plastic Bottle /Flip Top Cap, (32 Oz) Qt.  -  $1.69  -  Quantity   
• PB8  -  Empty High Den. Plastic Bottle / Flip Top Cap, (8 Oz) 1/2 Pint  -  $1.39  -  Quantity   

Please enter quantities of desired items above then click

Unlined Metal PAINT CANS with LIDS
These Unlined Paint Cans are ideal for storing
or shipping paint and other materials.
Made of tin plated steel. Lids are included.
Use for storing and mixing stains and solvents.
Metal cans must be used for oil based stains and finishes.

Please enter quantities of desired items below then click

• RMCQ  -  Round Metal QUART CAN with LID  -  $2.69  -  Quantity   
• RMCP  -  Round Metal PINT CAN with LID  -  $1.90  -  Quantity   

Please enter quantities of desired items above then click

GLASS JAR with Plastic Ld, 1 oz

GLASS JAR with Plastic Lid, 1 oz

Plastic lid liner

•  2-1/8 Tall
1-1/2 Diameter

GJ.1  -  $1.20  -  Quantity   

Grain Filler SPREADER LEVELER (Squeegee)
Designed to facilitate quick, easy, and even application of grain fillers.
Also aids in removal of excess filler, reducing sanding time.
If you hate grain filling, the spreader makes the task manageable!
6” in length with a single curve profile and square corners.
It is a double edged tool designed to quickly and easily apply grain fillers.
The flexible rubber edge allows for maximum conformity.
Use the rigid edge for heavy applications and the flexible, rubber based edge for lighter applications.
B902-3010  -  $9.60  -  Quantity   
Epoxy GLUE - 5 Minute - 8 oz. Kit
EPOXY GLUE - 5 Minute - (Non shrinking)
Epoxy adhesive is equally valuable on service calls and in the workshop.
The 5 Minute retains all the physical strengths of a standard epoxy.
It achieves its strength as the result of a chemical reaction when
the resin is mixed with the hardening agent.
Behlen / Mohawk (M745-2008) Epoxy has the added advantage
of quick setting even in thin films at low temperatures.

5 Minute Epoxy will bond wood,
and nearly all other types of materials including concrete.
8 oz. Kit = 4 oz each: Part A & Part B

B745-2008  -  $23.60  -  Quantity   
Ground Hide GlueGround hide glue is the traditional luthier's glue. It creates stronger wood joints than bottled liquid hide glues. Ground glue granules are mixed approximately 50 / 50 with hot water and kept warm during use. Although this glue has a quick grab it still allows
you to re-position
the piece for an extended period prior to setting.
Ground Hide Glue is used extensively in wood veneering, chair making, guitar manufacture, stringed instrument making and repair, antique repair and restoration,
and in cabinet making.
Hide Glue can also be used to create a crackle effects over oil or latex based under coats.
   Grade: "192" gram strength. Made in  the USA

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• HG192.5  -  Ground HIDE GLUE - 5 Pounds  -  $39.00  -  Quantity   

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