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Wax Wash De-Waxer (B611-07416), Wood Cleaner, Qt. • UPS Only •

Wax Wash™ Remover
Removes wax, oil and foreign materials from most surfaces in one application.
Prior to applying a new finish or spot repair, clean surface with Wax Wash™ Remover
The presence of oil, wax or foreign materials on a surface can retard drying of a new finish
which can be avoided by cleaning with Wax Wash™ Remover.
Benzene, Naphtha or Alcohol by themselves will not remove all foreign matter as well as this product.
Ideal to use on furniture, woodwork and appliances prior to refinishing.

Wax Wash De-Waxer (B611-07416), Wood Cleaner, Qt. • UPS Only •