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OIL Finishes

Oil Based SEAL-A-CELL (Clear)
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Oil Based SEAL-A-CELL (Clear)
SEAL-A-CELLA time-tested formulation of oils, urethane, and waxes; Seal-A-Cell for decades has served craftsman as the best way to get that "natural" look on beautiful woods that aren't to be stained. The oils penetrate deep within the wood to highlight the warm natural look and the urethane ensures a deep hardness.
For a gloss finish follow with multiple coats of Arm-R-Seal topcoat.
Seal-A-Cell can be wiped on or applied with a natural bristle or foam brush.
Use as a wood conditioner; to control penetration of stains, to dilute other stains,
and as a base to add universal tints to achieve custom colors.
Seal-a-Cell has a very slight ambering quality, the least of GF's oil based sealers.

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• GFSC.5  -  SEAL-A-CELL, Oil Based - Pt. • UPS Only •  -  $16.95  -  Quantity   
• GFSC.6  -  SEAL-A-CELL, Oil Based - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $25.90  -  Quantity   

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TUNG OIL FINISH (Modified) • UPS Only •
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Modified TUNG OIL
Mohawk (Modified) Tung Oil Finish is a proprietary blend
of non-break tung oil and propolymerized alkyd resin in a solvent system.
Modified Tung Oil is fast drying, hard, resistant to water, acid, alkali and mildew.
One of the most durable of all natural oils.
An ideal oil finish for new or stripped wood furniture.
One coat achieves a low luster finish. Each additional coat increases gloss.

Far superior to linseed oil as finished wood will not darken with age.
Tung Oil preserves the natural color of the wood.
Surface scratches in a Tung Oil finished piece can be remedied
with a small amount of Tung Oil.  
--  Quart Can

M701-1596  -  $39.95  -  Quantity   

Raw TUNG OIL (China Wood Oil)
Pure RAW TUNG OIL aka China Wood Oil
Raw Tung OilTung Nut Oil is the most water, caustic acid, heat and mildew resistant
of all the oil finishes, and the most durable. Tung Oil is formulated to be
absorbed into wood, creating a finish that will not crack, chip or peel.

The Oil of the Tung Nut is also used in the manufacture many different
varnishes and 'Oil' finishes.
Use only on new bare wood or on wood
that is fully striped, clean and ready to be refinished.
Apply with a small rag. Due to Tung Oils' concentration,
a ratio of 4 parts Mineral Spirits to one part Tung Oil is suggested,
(especially for penetration on hard woods and first coats).
Avoid Spontaneous Combustion - Dispose of rags properly.

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• OM90008  -  Pure Old Masters TUNG OIL (China Wood Oil) Pint • UPS Only •  -  $18.95  -  Quantity   

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boil_lin_oil.jpgwill develop warmth rich protective coating on unfinished wood  and increase resistance
to water-marks, scratches and warping. This classic wood finish and natural protectant is produced from the flax plant seed
and processed so it will dry faster than raw linseed oil.
Kleen Strip Boiled Linseed Oil produces a beautiful hand-rubbed finish on bare,
unfinished wood surfaces.

• A classic wood finish  • Extracted from the seed of the flax plant
• Natural protectant  • Protect and seal unfinished wood surfaces
• Yields a beautiful hand-rubbed finish on bare wood
-- Qt Can  
-- Avoid Spontaneous Combustion - Dispose of rags properly.

KSLOQ  -  $12.95  -  Quantity   
Cutting Board, Butcher Block, Salad Bowl Oil - 12 Oz
Butcher Block & Salad Bowl Oil
A Protective Maintenance Oil
for Wood Cutting Boards, Chopping Blocks & Salad Bowls.

• Approved for contact with food
Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic
No dyes, perfumes or nut oils that could cause allergic reactions
Penetrates into the wood
Protects against drying, cracking and water damage

FDA approved mineral oil that does not contain any dyes, perfumes, additives or peanut oils.  Cutting Board Oil will not turn rancid.

The mineral oil used in Howard Cutting Board Oil is from virgin mineral oils and has no contact with nuts or gluten or other potentially allergenic materials either in production, storage, or transport.

BBOIL  -  $9.95  -  Quantity   
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Natural Bristle Single fill, Only (1/4 - 5/16 in) thick.
Classic glider design, ideal for Shellac & Varnish.
This brush will yield a thin, uniform application
of shellac or varnish. 
The natural bristle brush is ideal for
shellac, varnish, 
and faux finishing of woodwork and furniture.
Pictured Sizes 20 - 80 mm


Genuine OMEGA, made in Italy. 

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• VBSET.3  -  Brush, Lily Varnish, Set of 3 - 30, 50 & 80mm  -  $74.50 $67.05 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• VBSET.7  -  Brush, Lily Varnish, Set of all 7  -  $177.00 $159.30 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• VB2  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 20 mm (.79 in.)  -  $14.50  -  Quantity   
• VB3  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 30 mm (1.25 in.)  -  $15.50  -  Quantity   
• VB4  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 40 mm (1.57 in.)  -  $18.50  -  Quantity   
• VB5  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 50 mm (1.97 in.)  -  $23.50  -  Quantity   
• VB7  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 70 mm (2.76 in.)  -  $28.50  -  Quantity   
• VB8  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 80 mm (3.15 in.)  -  $35.50  -  Quantity   
• VB100  -  Brush, Lily Varnisher's; 100 mm (3.94 in.)  -  $41.00  -  Quantity   

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