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Finishing Classes / Workshops
 in Napa California

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Scheduled Class: May 18, 2023
This Finishing Class is now open for enrollment.

Register Online at:
In Person at:
Mt. Diablo Adult Education

Pleasant Hill Education Center
One Santa Barbara Road - Room 210, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Call for Info at -- 925-937-1530
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A Special Day of Classes

Wood Finishing
May 18, 2023

Mt. Diablo Adult Education
Pleasant Hill Education Center
One Santa Barbara Road
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Room 21

Wood Finishing
Course Description

Ron’s focus for this class is:
For you to leave with the knowledge
to produce superior finishes.

Wood Finishing is a learnable Art! Procedures haven’t really changed for over 200 years, however, many important techniques have been forgotten or lost by modern haste to deliver on unreasonable deadlines.

A well-crafted piece can be diminished or spoiled
by a poorly planned, wrong, or inadequate finish.

Applying a finish to the completed project is something that creates many questions. The answer will achieve an appropriate, great-looking finish.

Ron believes that the finish is your calling card and, more important than fancy joinery. A durable finish will generate repeat orders and a desire for additional work.

We will be looking at proper lighting and how to use it, color theory and how to match an existing finish, understanding the substrate, the importance of surface preparation, and how to select an appropriate finish.

We will discuss finishing with oils, waxes, varnishes, shellac, urethanes, and more.

This seminar will demystify wood finishing and give you an understanding of the things that really matter.

You will leave with the confidence to proceed in developing a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting finish.

This class is suitable for the novice
and experienced finisher

Morning Session -- 9 am-Noon

The Anatomy of a Finish

• Color Theory for the Woodworker / Finisher

• Developing a finish to match

  an existing color and finish

• Leave with your own finish schedule
  & procedure
to assure a repeatable result

Afternoon Session -- 1-5 pm

10 Requirements to obtain
a Lasting, Durable, Beautiful Finish
 1 - Proper Lighting for Finishing

 2 - See what you are looking at
 3 - Finishing Environment conditions
 4 - Understanding the wood substrate
 5 - Surface Preparation

 Continued in the evening session

        Dinner Break 5 - 6

  Evening Session -- 6-9 pm

Continued from the afternoon:
      Requirements to obtain a Lasting,
Durable, Beautiful Finish

 6 - Selecting the appropriate finish
 7 - Finishing environment controls
 8 - The proper tools for the task
 9 - Use of materials, tools, and Craftsmanship
10 - Finish Cure, Rubbing Out,
       Polishing, Waxing,  and
       PDS / manufacturer’s instructions

Ron Ashby photoYour Instructor
Growing up in a woodworking shop, Ron Ashby is the
‘Finish Geek’
with 50 years of experience in woodworking, finishing, and refinishing.
As the owner of Wood Finish Supply and,
he’s the distributor
and technical service representative for several major finish brands.
Ron has broad expertise in solving a wide range of finishing and procedure problems.

Ron has taught and lectured on finishing topics for over 25 years and has consulted
with furniture factories all over the world to help improve their finishing facilities
   and practices.
Ron has also worked with the BAAQMD and state of California
   in developing air quality regulations for wood coatings.

  Ron worked for 6-years as a professional photographer, informing his understanding
  in the importance of lighting for wood finishing applications.

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