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Wood Finishing Class: May 18, 2023
Classes Filled

New Wood Finishing Class - August 16, 2023
All About Wood Finishing with Shellac

This miracle
resin from the (Laccifer lacca) Lac bug
Learn about: Seed Lac, Button Lac, Shellac Flake & Dewaxed Shellacs.
It is easy to make your own fresh shellac finish and universal sanding sealer.
With Ron Ashby the ‘Finish Geek’

SHELLAC - The Miracle Organic Nontoxic Child Safe Finish
           (Everything you ever wanted to know about shellac finishes)

LAC Sources - India &Thailand
         Shellac Harvesting and Production

TYPES & VARIETIES, and Color Tones of Dry Shellac resins
         Seed: Golden Kusmi, Thai, Dark Jethwa
         Button: Super Golden, Kusmi #1, Kusmi #2,
         Bysakhi, Dark Jethwa
         Dewaxed: Platina, Super Blonde, Blonde, Beige,
         Lemon, Amber, Garnet, Maroon, Ruby
         Waxy: #1 Lemon, Hand Made, MMTN (Gossamer), Black
         Use a De-Waxed shellac,
         if to be top-coated with a dissimilar finish

Making Your own shellac Finish
         Denatured Alcohol - Purity (190 Poof) & Shellac Retarder
         Determining the mix Pound Cut
         MIXING - FILTERING the mix
         Make your own Shellac ‘Seal Coat’ Universal Sanding Sealer

Blending & Adjusting Shellac Color Tones
         Intermixing and / or Inter-layering colors & tones
         - Adding Color to the mix

Application Techniques
         Brush - the proper brush
         Spray - control over-spray

         Padding / French polish

Working with adverse Weather Conditions
         Too Cold or Too HOT

Developing a Shellac finish
         Application schedule & procedures
         for New or Antique furniture, Floors and Woodwork

Shellac Finish Maintenance

Open For Enrollment June 7th
Class Limit 20

Register Online

Mt. Diablo Adult Education
Pleasant Hill Education Center
One Santa Barbara Road - Room 210, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Call for Info at -- 925-937-1530

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Ron Ashby photoYour Instructor
Growing up in a woodworking shop, Ron Ashby is the
‘Finish Geek’
with 50 years of experience in woodworking, finishing, and refinishing.
As the owner of Wood Finish Supply and,
he’s the distributor
and technical service representative for several major finish brands.
Ron has broad expertise in solving a wide range of finishing and procedure problems.

Ron has taught and lectured on finishing topics for over 25 years and has consulted
with furniture factories all over the world to help improve their finishing facilities
and practices.
Ron has also worked with the BAAQMD and state of California in
developing air quality regulations for wood coatings.
Working 6-years as a professional photographer,
informed his understanding
in the importance of lighting for wood finishing applications.