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New Wood Finishing Class info: Friday August 30th - The Art of Wood Finishing


Finishing Classes / Workshops
in & near Napa California

Summer 2024 Classes

Friday, August 30th

The 'Art' of Wood Finishing

Discussion of advantages and disadvantages
of various finishes and the best finish for your projects.
 • Oils   • Waxes  • Shellacs   • Milk Paints
 •  Varnishes   • Urethanes   • Lacquers
• Waterborne & Solvent finishes

Learn To:
• Determine and select the finishes best suited for your pieces and work environment.
• Select the finishing material for developing a desired result.
• Tips and techniques to achieve the finishes you envision.

Includes binder of class reference material.
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“Finishes invite one to touch, to caress
and to take pleasure in the wood surface." ... Sam Maloof

"The understanding eye sees the maker’s fingerprints.
They are evident in every detail ... Leave Fingerprints." ... James Krenov

“I hope my furniture has a soul to it.” ... Sam Maloof

"A good lasting finish should yield a piece that is; durable, enjoyable,
easy to live with, pleasant to touch, and interesting to look at!
... the piece may then become a valued heirloom." …. Ron Ashby

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Online Registration Open
Friday,  August 30th
Click Here: Register for a Class

or in person

Mt. Diablo Adult Education
Pleasant Hill Education Center
One Santa Barbara Road Room 210
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

For Information Call - 925-937-1530

Class size limited - Register Early

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Your instructor
Growing up in a woodworking shop, Ron Ashby is the ‘Finish Geek’
with over 55 years
of experience in woodworking, finishing, and refinishing.
As owner of Wood Finish Supply and, he’s the distributor
and technical service representative for several finish brands.
Ron has broad expertise in solving a wide range of finishing and finish procedure problems.

Ron has taught and lectured on finishing topics for over 39 years and has consulted
with furniture factories all over the world
to help improve their finishing facilities and practices.

Ron also worked with the BAAQMD and state of California in developing air quality regulations for wood coatings.
Ron's 6 years experience as professional photographer, informing his understanding in the importance of lighting for wood finishing applications.

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