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Finishing Classes / Workshops
 in Napa California

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Some of the Subjects Covered, with a focus on Furniture Finishes:

• Understanding the Substrate

• Glue Selection and Finishing Problems

• Selecting The Right Finish for the Project; Shellac, Wax, Oils, Varnishes, Lacquers

• Specialty Finishes & Lacquer Varieties

• Dyes Stains: Waterborne & Traditional Oil Formulations

• Color Matching & Color Theory for the Finisher

• Lighting - manage the laws of light to improve any finish

• Basic Finishing Schedules
Sealers, Topcoats, Finish Rub Out, Waxes

• Finish Application Methods and Advantages
Brush & Spray Equipment Selection

• New Finishes, Refinishing, Restoration of Finishes

• Finish Touch-up and Damage Repair

• SHELLAC; Types, Varieties, Mixing, Blending, Application

Half-day Class:
Developing a finishing schedule and color matching to an existing finish.