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PADDING Finishes

QUALASOLE (French Polish) Qt. • UPS Only •
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The modern “
French Polish"
Qualasole LabelNow AVvailable The Original BEHLEN Formula
                 "Behlen Qualasole - B611-00016"
Qualasole™ is a fortified French polish is an valuable product in the cabinet finishing department.
No oil is required for French polishing, padding, touching up, or renovating.
Apply Qualasole™ with a pad to raw wood or over any cured shellac, varnish, lacquer,

paint or enamel finish in the same manner as French polishing. A superior and durable
finish is obtained in a fraction of the time as compared to the old method.

Qualasole™ affects speedy, permanent, new finishes and renovations that do not show press marks after handling or transportation. Qualasole™ accentuates the wood grain and natural markings and produces a beautiful appearance that improves with age.

         The original H.BEHLEN Qualasole French Polish formula
manufactured exclusively for Wood Finish Supply /

     Read the application information from the 1944 Behlen Book "The Art of Wood Finishing"
            New April 2024 production Shipping Now

M638-22706  -  $36.95  -  Quantity   


The classic traditional filler for French polishing pads.

The 'waste' comes from the cotton yarn left-over
ends of loom warp threads. 

An excellent filler to make French Polishing pads
with our
Trace cloth / French polishing cloth.

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• LFCW  -  COTTON WASTE, 1/2 Lb. Plastic Bag  -  $3.65  -  Quantity   
• LFCW.1  -  COTTON WASTE, 1 Lb. Plastic Bag  -  $5.95  -  Quantity   

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LAC FRENCH, Quart • UPS Only •
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Lac French
MOHAWK Lac French
, is a Shellac based French Polish,
packaged in a ready to use formula.

French Lac is a Light Amber French Padding Finish,
suitable for use on the lightest of finishes.
French Lac, French Polish has been job tested for years by
professional repair restorers, to develop a complete surface or to spot repair a finish.
Ready to use. No oil or other additives required.
A formula perfected over the years for just the right build-up.
Dries harder than any other french padding finishes on the market.


M405-2506  -  $38.95  -  Quantity   

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Lacover Padding FinishFor spot color repair and refinishing.
The most widely used “French Polish” padding finish in the world.
Specially formulated for use with Mohawk Blendal® Powder Stains.
Compatible with most known finishes.
In one operation, the stain and finish can be replaced on worn or bare spots.
Available in two solids #30 and #50.
Use the #30 Solids when a minimum build is desired.

The higher the solids #50, takes less time to build a finish and complete the job.

Also recommended for leather and vinyl. “Highlight” effects can be created
on wood, leather or vinyl materials with this method Lacover® Padding Finish
imparts new life to leather, prevents cracking and drying out.

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• M405-3006  -  LACOVER Padding Finish #30 - Qt • UPS Only •  -  $41.95  -  Quantity   
• M405-5006  -  LACOVER Padding Finish #50 - Qt • UPS Only •  -  $43.95  -  Quantity   

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RAPID PAD Padding Finish

m420-0006_rapid_padRepairs packing marks or extensive scratches where a whole surface needs repair.
Rapid Pad
padding finish is applied over an original finish for restoration,
rejuvenation, protection, and repair of surface finish defects.

Formulated to flow freely while "padding" out an entire surface.
Most recent formula improvements have increased durability, mar and blush resistance.
  • RESTORATION - makes worn furniture look factory new again.

  • REJUVENATION - add new life to old finishes, antiques, etc.
  • PROTECTION - new hard finish resists mar and abrasion.
  • FINISH DEFECTS - eliminates surface scratches and packing marks.

M420-0006  -  $44.35  -  Quantity   
POUR-N-WIPE / Master Gel FINISH • UPS Only •
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POUR-N-WIPE FINISH (M603-3016) / Behlen Master Gel (B550-30016)

   A (solvent / oil based) top coat for bare, dyed or stained wood.
•  Unique gel form   •  Easy-to-apply  •  No mess, no brush marks
•  Pour-N-Wipe® Finish is self sealing  •  Excellent as a wood turning finish.
Pour-N-Wipe is self-sealing (no sealer coat is required) and virtually colorless when dry.
Imparts a lustrous satin urethane finish to wood, protecting against water and alcohol staining.
Clean up: Mineral Spirit.
Pour-N-Wipe is durable enough for use on hardwood floors, bar and table tops.

Pour-N-Wipe Finish can be applied with a lint free cloth.
        Dries overnight. 
Allow to dry 4 hours prior to re-coating.

For Best Results: The work area, surface being finished, Pour-N-Wipe should be above 60°f
                                 Maintain 60 degrees throughout the dry time of the coats.
                                                             Colder temperature can affect flow and dry times.

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• M603-3016  -  POUR-N-WIPE / MASTER GEL FINISH, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $55.95 $49.95 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• M603-3017  -  POUR-N-WIPE / MASTER GEL FINISH, Gallon • UPS Only •  -  $98.00 $92.00 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   

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FNISH UP™ Polyurethane
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FNISH-UP Wipe-On Polyurethane
(Waterborne Wipe On)
Finish-Up Polyurethane

Finish Up is a waterborne (WATER CLEAR) user friendly wipe on finish.
Mohawk Finish-Up™ Polyurethane can be applied over repairs such as
Burn-Ins, Fil-Stik® Putty Stick fills, Blendal® Powders and Touch Up
Markers to seal in the repair, leaving a durable protective finish.
Apply over properly cleaned existing finishes to improve appearance
and durability. Finish-Up™ Polyurethane adheres well to most types of lacquers,
vinyl clads, and high pressure laminates as well as many other substrates.
Best of all, it is water based and has almost no odor.
The almost no odor feature makes Finish-Up™ Polyurethane the product of choice
where aerosols and other solvent based touch up finishes are not appropriate.

• Low VOC 380 g/l 
• Easy Wipe On application  • Quick Drying  • Good Flow characteristics  • Good Durability
• Moisture & Alcohol Resistant  • Water Clear  • Excellent Adhesion  • Won't Lift other finishes  • Nonflammable

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• M603-4105  -  Finish Up™ Polyurethane - GLOSS - Pt  -  $30.95  -  Quantity   
• M603-4205  -  Finish Up™ Polyurethane - SATIN - Pt  -  $30.95  -  Quantity   
• M603-4405  -  Finish Up™ Polyurethane - FLATT - Pt  -  $30.95  -  Quantity   

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WOODTURNER'S FINISH, B611-08885 - Pint • UPS Only •
WOODTURNER'S FINISH Specially formulated for “On Lathe” application
Woodturner's Finish ends the problem of finishing a round wooden surface.
No more finish runs, unfinished, or under finished surfaces.
Turner's Finish is a ready to use, fast drying, padding finish, especially for lathe
finishing of round wooden objects: spindles, lamp bases, pool cues, pens, etc. 

• Fast drying finish for round wooden objects
• Use to create a wet look finish in seconds
• A ready to use shellac and resin based formula
• Develops a high sheen; rejuvenates most any cured finish

Formerly Behlen - B611-08885    Clean-up: Denatured Alcohol
Shellac formulation - thin with Mohawk Shellac Reducer / Behkol Solvent

M611-08885  -  $23.90  -  Quantity   

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Danish OilDanish Oil Finish is formulated and recommended for use on Teak wood,
Aerosol, Danish OilMonkeypod, Zebrawood, Rosewoods and other similar hard dense woods.
Danish Oil penetrates the wood and dries hard unlike linseed oil and
most other finishing oils
which become tacky when exposed to heat.

This polymerized wood finish, combines penetrating oils with resins to produce
a natural oil finish on unfinished wood. One application seals and finishes wood. Never gums up in warm temperatures. Will not print and is non-greasy.
Water spots, stains, burns and scratches are easily removed by buffing
with 4/0 steel wool and Danish Oil.

Avoid Spontaneous Combustion - Dispose of rags properly.

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• M700-1507  -  DANISH FINISHING OIL, NATURAL - Gallon • UPS Only •  -  $59.90  -  Quantity   
• M103-0650  -  Aerosol, DANISH FINISHING OIL, Dark Walnut • UPS Only •  -  $11.95  -  Quantity   

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TUNG OIL FINISH (Modified) • UPS Only •
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Modified TUNG OIL
Mohawk (Modified) Tung Oil Finish is a proprietary blend
of non-break tung oil and propolymerized alkyd resin in a solvent system.
Modified Tung Oil is fast drying, hard, and resistant to water, acid, alkali, and mildew.
One of the most durable of all-natural oils.
An ideal oil finish for new or stripped wood furniture.
One coat achieves a low luster finish. Each additional coat increases gloss.
      Avoid Spontaneous Combustion - Dispose of rags properly.
Far superior to linseed oil as the finished wood will not darken with age.
Tung Oil preserves the natural color of the wood.
Surface scratches in a Tung Oil finished piece can be remedied
with a small amount of Tung Oil.  
--  Quart Can

M701-1596  -  $39.95  -  Quantity   
boil_lin_oil.jpgwill develop warmth rich protective coating on unfinished wood  and increase resistance
to water-marks, scratches and warping. This classic wood finish and natural protectant is produced from the flax plant seed
and processed so it will dry faster than raw linseed oil.
Kleen Strip Boiled Linseed Oil produces a beautiful hand-rubbed finish on bare,
unfinished wood surfaces.

• A classic wood finish  • Extracted from the seed of the flax plant
• Natural protectant  • Protect and seal unfinished wood surfaces
• Yields a beautiful hand-rubbed finish on bare wood
-- Qt Can  
-- Avoid Spontaneous Combustion - Dispose of rags properly.

KSLOQ  -  $17.95  -  Quantity