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Important, Read: Aerosol Application Tips & Usage Guidelines

Jet Spray™ / Tone Finish Toners are formulated to blend spot repairs to the surrounding surface.
These toners are made with pigments dissolved in nitrocellulose lacquer,
very resistant to color fade from UV exposure, and are essential for repairs were a pigmented toner was used by the manufacturer.
Jet Spray™ toners work well for finishing small projects.

Ultra Classic / Master Toner Aerosols are a combination of nitrocellulose lacquer and fade resistant dyes
that are used for shading or blending spot repairs. Ultra Classic / Master Toner aerosols tone the wood without loss of clarity.
These Dye based lacquer toners can also be used to adjust color for a uniform wood tone prior to applying a clear topcoat.

COLOR THEORY for the Furniture Finisher & Woodworker


Aerosol Products
Important: Clear the Tube Before Using an Aerosol

Clearing the tube of an aerosol can is important any time the aerosol has sat for any amount of time, especially before the first use. This is a simple procedure that involves properly agitating the can (shaking for one full minute) and then spraying it for approximately 3 seconds in a safe direction but not onto the part that is going to be sprayed. This allows the material that remains in the dip tube that cannot be agitated to be evacuated and not dispensed on the job part.

When an aerosol can is filled the agitator balls are first inserted and then the can is filled with paint
(stain, glaze, lacquer, etc.). The next step is the insertion of the valve which is secured to the can by
crimping of the valve ring. After the valve is secured propellant is added to the can through the valve.
The propellant pressurizes the can. This pressure immediately forces a small amount of paint
into the dip tube of the valve. This paint in the tube settles the same as the paint in the can.
Pigments, dyes and sheen control agents, which provide color and sheen to the paint, separate from
the solvents and propellant in the can. When the can is agitated by shaking, the agitator balls help
mix the pigments and dyes with the solvents. This agitation, however, has little effect on paint in
the tube, thus it needs to be evacuated before applying the paint to the substrate and repair.

              Aerosol Tube Clearing                     
  Before Shaking                   After Shaking              After Clearing the Tube

Important: Clear the Tube AFTER Using an Aerosol

   It is equally important to clear the tube after each use to help prevent clogging
  and spitting in the future, especially for aerosols that contain
pigment or flatting paste.

Clear Aerosol TubeTo clear the tube, turn the aerosol can upside down and spray in a safe direction depressing the spray head until the liquid is no longer dispensed (only air). Then use a cloth to wipe away any liquid left on the orifice of the spray head. This procedure clears the nozzle and the spray head so the contents of the can won’t clog them. After the can sits for several days, some of the contents will re-enter the dip tube.
   Use the procedure above to assure that the unmixed
of the tube aren’t sprayed on your project.

Aerosol, GUITAR TONER Lacquers • UPS Ground Only •

Aerosol colors shown for comparison only,
color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.

Encore Brown Guitar TonerM113-1201
Encore Brown
Strcast AmberB104-1202
Starcast Amber

Deep Red Guitar TonerM113-1203
Deep Red

Toners are used to add shading effects to the guitar. Made from fade resistant dyes in lacquer,
they apply transparent color so the beauty of the wood shows through, yet they are strong
enough that several coats will create the dark sunburst effect
that is so popular on guitars.
Starcast Amber applies the basic light tone colors of the guitar.
Encore Brown is used to tone
the body sides of acoustic guitars, which are typically
darker than the soundboard.
The new DEEP RED M113-1203 is used on guitars, stringed, and percussion instruments;
use to tone edges or create a solid opaque Red color with a few more coats.

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• B104-1201  -  Aerosol, Guitar Toner, ENCORE BROWN M113-1201 • UPS Only •  -  $11.69  -  Quantity   
• M113-1202  -  Aerosol, Guitar Toner Starcast AMBER, B104-1202 • UPS Only •  -  $11.59  -  Quantity   
• B104-1203  -  Aerosol, Guitar Toner, DEEP RED M113-1203 • UPS Only •  -  $11.69  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, DYE TONER Lacquers • UPS Ground Only •
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Mohawk Ultra Classic & Behlen Master Toner Aerosols

Mohawk Ultra Classic & Behlen Master Toners are manufactured by blending

Translucent Fade Resistant Dyes into furniture grade lacquers.
Use Aerosol Dye Toners for shading, toning, adjusting color and for sealing touch-ups & repairs.
The clarity of the Dye based Toners will not obscure the figure or grain of the wood.

Mohawk Ultra Classic & Behlen Master Toners may also be used as a topcoat.

To adjust the toner sheen, topcoat with a Tone Finish CLEAR of the appropriate sheen.

Please See:  The Importance of Agitating and Clearing the Aerosol tube

     Aerosol colors shown for comparison only, color rendering subject to print & computer monitor limitations.

Extra Dark Walnut
Dark Golden OakM100-0220
Dark Golden Oak
Brown Mahogany
Perfect Brown
Van Dyck WalnutM100-0353
Van Dyke Walnut
Medium Oak / Tavern PineM100-0355
Med.Oak/Tavern Pine
Dark Red Walnut
Light Golden OakM100-0415
Golden Oak
Dark WalnutM100-7020
Dark Walnut







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• M100-0209  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - EX. DARK WALNUT, B103-509 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M100-0220  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - DARK GOLDEN OAK • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M100-0229  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - BRN MAHOGANY, B103-529 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M100-0249  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - PERFECT BROWN • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-513  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - NATURAL / Amber, M100-0321 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-512  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - VAN DYKE WALNUT, M100-0353 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-510  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - Med OAK / TavernPine, M100-0355 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-528  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - DK RED WALNUT, M100-0383 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B103-515  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - GOLDEN OAK, M100-0415 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M100-7020  -  Aerosol, Dye Toner - DARK WALNUT, B103-518 • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, Jet Spray & Tone Finish LACQUER TONERS • UPS Ground Only •
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Tone Finish & Jet Spray LACQUER TONERS
Finely ground, non-fading pigments for color repairs that last.
Jet Spray & Tone Finish toners are translucent / semi-translucent dye and pigment based lacquers
made for color and tonal correction of off color or faded lacquer finishes.
Adjust the sheen with a topcoat of Jet Spray or Tone Finish clear gloss, satin, flat or dead flat lacquer.
        Digitized colors are shown as a reference and for color comparison purposes only.
       Color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.
       These translucent colors will yield their final color based on the tone of the finish on which they are applied.
       Note: The White & Black are Opaque Lacquers, Not Translucent.

Raw UmberM101-0143
Raw Umber
Med Brn American WAlnutM101-0207
Med Brn American Walnut
Extra Dark Walnut
Dark Red Mahogany
Brown MahoganyM101-0229
Brown Mahogany
Medium Dark WalnutM101-0234
Medium Dark Walnut
Medium Red /Shading MahoganyM101-0386
Med. Red Mahogany
Fruitwood CherryM101-0388
Fruitwood Cherry

Burnt UmberM101-1435
Burnt Umber

Van Dyke BrownM101-1478
Van Dyke Brown
Statesman Oak TonerM101-1522
Statesman Oak

          For dye based clear translucent color and for color correction, use the Ultra Classic / Master Toners.

Lacquer toners may be inter-layered to adjust a final tonal result.
They may be used as a final finish, however for better protection
and to achieve the correct sheen,
they can be top-coated with a clear Tone Finish aerosol of the desired sheen.
   To assure correct and even color during a spray session
   Please Shake Well, 2 Minutes to blend the pigments & dyes. Aerosols work best around 70° F.
                  Please See: The Importance of Agitating and Clearing the Aerosol tube

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• B101-0817  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-0143 - RAW UMBER • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M101-0207  -  Aerosol Toner, B101-0809 - Med.Dk.American Walnut • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M101-0209  -  Aerosol Toner, B101-0850 - EX. DK. WALNUT • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M101-0222  -  Aerosol Toner, BLONDE • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M101-0227  -  Aerosol Toner, B101-0829 - Med Dk. Red Mahogany • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M101-0229  -  Aerosol Toner, B101-0831 - BROWN MAHOGANY • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M101-0234  -  Aerosol Toner, B101-0853 - Med.Dk. Brown WALNUT • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-0813  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-0326 - Natural / AMBER • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-0873  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-0386 - RED Mahogany, Shading • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-L854  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-0388 - FRUITWOOD / Cherry • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-0858  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-0408 - CHERRY • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M101-0411  -  Aerosol Toner, B101-0892 - Maple / NUTMEG • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-0818  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-1435 - BURNT UMBER • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-0878  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-1478 - VAN DYKE BROWN • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-0822  -  Aerosol Toner, M101-1522 - MED / STATESMAN OAK • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, LACQUER, Opaque ENAMEL BLACK • UPS Ground Only •
Behlen / Mohawk BLACK ENAMEL Lacquers

Aerosol Spray lacquers are formulated for re-coating
and for blending spot repairs into the surrounding surface.

The pigments dissolved into nitrocellulose lacquer,
are very resistant to color fade from UV exposure.

Aerosol Lacquers may also be used for finishing of smaller projects.

 SOLID BLACK: Gloss, Satin, Flatt

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• B101-F826  -  Aerosol, M104-F224 Lacquer, FLATT BLACK • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• B101-S826  -  Aerosol, M104-S224 Lacquer, SATIN BLACK • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   
• M104-G224  -  Aerosol, B101-G826 Lacquer, GLOSS BLACK • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, Lacquer, WHITE GLOSS, Opaque • UPS Only •


White, Solid Color (Opaque) Enamel Lacquer

Adjust the White Gloss sheen by top-coating with
topcoat clears; Semi-Gloss, Satin, Flatt or Dead Flatt.

   B101-G804 & M104-G202

B101-G804  -  $7.89  -  Quantity