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    Golden Taklon Synthetic Bristle

    • Three sizes -- 1/2, 3/4 & 1 inch   • Total brush length: 7" to 8.5
    Excellent brush for small mouldings, carvings, and detail work.

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• 9743.5  -  SHELLAC & LACQUER BRUSH, 9743 - 1/2 inch  -  $6.50  -  Quantity   
• 9743.75  -  SHELLAC & LACQUER BRUSH, 9743 - 3/4 inch  -  $7.50  -  Quantity   
• 9743.1  -  SHELLAC & LACQUER BRUSH, 9743 - 1 inch  -  $9.00  -  Quantity   
• 9743.3  -  SHELLAC & LACQUER BRUSH, 9743 - Set of all 3  -  $19.65  -  Quantity   

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Brush, NATURAL OX HAIR #1775 - One Inch

    Tough durable quality brush of natural Ox hair.
    Overall Length: 8.5 inch - Hair: Width = 1 in., Length = 1.25 in  • Lacquered Hardwood Handle
    For all oil / solvent based dyes, stains, glaze and finishes.

1775.1  -  $7.50  -  Quantity   
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Introducing Eco-Orchard Paint!
Reflective White Natural Sun Block for Tree Trunks

Eco-Orchard Paint provides an effective, ecologically safe solution
for preventing
sunscald, not only on organic farms,
but for anyone interested in protecting their trees in the safest way possible.
Available in powder form to mix with water

NOT A WOOD FINISH but we are interested in preserving and protecting trees
that could become beautiful furniture or wood turning timber.
This is why we offer Eco-Orchard Paint used by California Certified Organic Farmer members.

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• EOP.5  -  Eco ORCHARD PAINT, Pint  -  $13.95  -  Quantity   
• EOP.6  -  Eco ORCHARD PAINT, Quart  -  $20.95  -  Quantity   
• EOP.7  -  Eco ORCHARD PAINT, Gallon  -  $49.95  -  Quantity   

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CLEAR Wood Grain & Pore Filler
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AQUA COAT Clear Wood Grain & Pore Filler

AQUA COAT Clear Wood Grain FillerEasy-to-sand clear gel wood grain filler for filling the grain and pores
in woods (such as oaks, ash, and hard-to-fill woods).
Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler is a completely transparent paste filler.
The slick paste goes on easily, scrapes off cleanly, and dries clear for a
glass smooth guitar or piano style finish. Clear Grain Filler is ideal for
filling grain & pores without adding color to the wood.

Used by:

• Furniture Crafters
• Luthiers / Guitar Makers
• Gun Stock Finishers
• Piano Restoration
• Furniture Refinishing
• Cabinet Makers & Refinishers

Aqua Coat Wood Grain & Pore Filler
is the ideal CLEAR filler on:

• Tabletops  •  Pianos  •  Cabinets  •  Guitars and Wood Instruments

Clear Wood Grain Filler Advantages
• Crystal Clear when dry
• Grain Filler dries in 30-45 minutes for a faster build
Easy sanding   •  Minimal shrinkage
• Low odor and low VOC   • 

• Tint with water-soluble colorants or dyes   •  Thin with water   •  Water clean-up

"For a clear glass smooth finish, use Aqua Coat Wood Grain & Pore Filler to maintain the color, clarity, and beauty of the wood. It works better and faster than trying to fill the grain or pores with coats of finish."


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• ACGF.Pt  -  Aqua Coat CLEAR Wood GRAIN FILLER, Pint  -  $17.95  -  Quantity   
• ACGF.Qt  -  Aqua Coat CLEAR Wood GRAIN FILLER, Quart  -  $29.95  -  Quantity   
• ACGF.Gal  -  Aqua Coat CLEAR Wood GRAIN FILLER, Gallon • UPS Only •  -  $76.95  -  Quantity   

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PREMIER™ HD Touch-Up MARKERS, Set of 36
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Premier’s High-Definition brush tip touch-up tool

provides high detail touch-ups and extremely fine line graining.


Briush Tip Marker Set• Synthetic brush tip will apply fine lines
or very long runs without loosing ink to the tip.

• Specially formulated dyes give perfectly crisp and
clear colors for easy matching and blending.

•  Durable precision brush tip holds its shape indefinitely.

• 36 colors provide exact matches to most finishes.
PHD.Set  -  $119.00  -  Quantity   

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The perfect and preferred sponges for faux finishing.
Native to the waters of Florida, sea sponges are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Use for faux finishing, marbleizing, texturing, sponge painting, pottery, ceramics, staining, dye application, paint stippling and more.

Natural Sea Yellow Sponges are collected from the warm clear waters of Rock Island, Florida, Gulf coast. A durable and soft sponge of good quality. The divers collect these sponges with great care, preserving the ocean bed for lasting and fruitful harvest year after year.

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• NSS.4  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 4-5 inch  -  $4.00  -  Quantity   
• NSS.6  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 6-7 inch  -  $7.70  -  Quantity   
• NSS.8  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 8-9 inch  -  $10.60  -  Quantity   
• NSS.10  -  Natural Sea Sponge, 10-11 inch  -  $14.40  -  Quantity   

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Polyurethane Sponge
Polyurethane Sponge  New Item
A good general purpose sponge
Apply water dyes, prewett wood to raise grain, spread dye or stains
• Hydrophiliated design provides high water holding capacity
• Denser and more durable than imported sponges.
• Super absorbent
• Durable
• Rinses clean

PTS.1  -  $2.50 $1.80 - On SALE ! Quantity   

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