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BLENDAL® Sticks - Pack of 12 Assortment #1

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BLENDAL® STICKS - Set #1 - M340-1200
Blendal® Sticks are used to add or alter color when repairing and touching up wood.
Use these sticks for quick color replacement on raw or finished edges and flat surfaces.
Colors may be blended or layered to accomplish a perfect color match.
Blendal Stick color adjustment repairs must be set, sealed and protected
with a coat of aerosol lacquer of the correct sheen.
Sharpener included in each assortment. -  $5.00 each in a set of 12

Note: Colors are approximate representations of actual colors using
modern process techniques Variations may occur.

BLENDAL® STICK - 12 Pack Assortment #1

Blendal Sticks Assort. #1

BLENDAL® Sticks - Pack of 12 Assortment #1