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SOLVENTS, Thinners, Reducers

Furniture REFINISHER - Quart • UPS Only •
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· Easy to use
· Dissolves: Lacquer, Shellacs, Varnish
· Economical · No stripping · No Stripper Mess

     With Furniture Refinisher
               you may be able to avoid using a Paint Stripper
BEHLEN Furniture Refinisher easily removes shellac, varnish, or lacquered finishes on furniture, cabinets, or woodwork. It quickly melts through the old finish without stripping the wood of natural oils or its patina.
It can be used for restoring a worn finish or to renew a favorite piece.

Furniture Refinisher is an excellent 'after wash' for furniture that has been stripped using conventional finish removers. Furniture Refinisher leaves the wood rich and warm, and free of residues that can cause a white haze, as do many other refinishers.
Never use this product around an open flame.

B740-1336  -  $17.95 $15.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   
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Wax Wash Aerosol
WAX WASH / De-Waxer Wood & Finish CLEANER
is a specially formulated blend of solvents.

For best repair and rub-out results, first prepare and clean the surfaces with
WAX WASH / De-Waxer to remove waxes, oil and other foreign material
from bare woods, new finishes, and aged wood finishes.

Wax deposits that remain after the use of paint, lacquer, and varnish removers
can be eliminated with use of WAX WASH / De-Waxer

Quart & Aerosol M107-0190

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• M712-1906  -  Wax Wash De-Waxer, Wood Cleaner, Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $15.60  -  Quantity   
• M107-0190  -  Aerosol, Wax Wash Cleaner Wax Remover • UPS Only •  -  $11.90  -  Quantity   

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Aerosol, Wax Wash Cleaner Wax Remover • UPS Only •
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  -  Wood Cleaner & Wax Remover

Aerosol Wax Wash
Wax Wash removes wax, oil and foreign materials from most surfaces in one application.
Prior to applying a new finish or spot repair, clean surface with Wax Wash Remover.
The presence of oil, wax or foreign materials on a surface can retard drying
of a new finish which can be avoided by cleaning with Wax Wash Remover.
Benzene, Naphtha or Alcohol by themselves will not remove
all foreign matter as well as this product.
Ideal to use on furniture, woodwork and appliances prior to refinishing.

The aerosol can is convenient for onsite finish repairs, No Spilling.

M107-0190  -  $11.90  -  Quantity   
VULPEX, Non-Foaming, Acid-Free, Germicidal CLEANER
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Vulpex is a safe cleaner for leather, furniture, carpets, oil paintings,
armour, precious metals, shell, marble, feathers, costumery, and stone.
Vulpex rinses away completely. Not harmful to health or property.

Since its introduction in 1970, its extraordinary versatility has made
Vulpex a popular and indispensable medium in all branches of professional
restoration and conservation of fine arts and historic items.

Vulpex is supplied as a concentrate & Must be mixed with water

        or Stoddard's solvent (or mineral spirit) prior to use.

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• VP100  -  VULPEX, Non-Foaming, Acid-Free, CLEANER, 100 ml  -  $23.95  -  Quantity   
• VP250  -  VULPEX, Non-Foaming, Acid-Free, CLEANER, 250 ml  -  $50.95  -  Quantity   
• VPL  -  VULPEX, Non-Foaming, Acid-Free, CLEANER, 1 Liter  -  $89.00  -  Quantity   

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NGR Penertating Dye / Solar-Lux REDUCER, Gallon • UPS Only •
Solar-Lux / Ultra Penetrating NGR DYE REDUCER

NGR Reducer is used to lighten or reduce the color intensity
of Solar-Lux / Ultra Penetrating NGR (non grain raising)

Use of the Reducer will maintain the working characteristics of the Dye.

(available in Gallons)
For Quarts see Acetone NGR DYE REDUCER below

(NOT for use with Lacquer)

M520-00017  -  $39.60  -  Quantity   

ACETONE - Qt. • UPS Only •
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Virgin quality Acetone is a VOC exempt solvent.
Acetone is used for reducing and clean up for many types of stains
and some coatings without increasing the VOC content of the product.
The User should consult the manufacturer’s label or test to insure Acetone
solvent compatibility
with their finish material.
Acetone is a popular and effective solvent brush cleaner.
Use Skin Protection. This product should not be used for cleaning hands.
     • Virgin quality, not reclaimed
     • Fast dry   • Zero VOC        - Quart

ACE.Q  -  $9.85  -  Quantity   
Ultra Penetrating & Solar-Lux NGR RETARDER • UPS Only •
Ultra Penetrating & Solar-Lux NGR DYE RETARDER


NGR (non grain raising) DYE RETARDER
slows evaporation and drying of NGR Dyes to give more working time
improve penetration, especially on hard dense woods.

With the newer Dye VOC Compliant formulation,

especially for dye application by hand.

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• B503-00025  -  Penetrating, Solar-Lux NGR Retarder, Pint • UPS Only •  -  $14.00  -  Quantity   
• M520-00026  -  Penetrating & Solar-Lux NGR Retarder, QT • UPS Only •  -  $26.00  -  Quantity   

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DENATURED Alcohol/Behkol Shellac Reducer • UPS Only •
DENATURED ALCOHOL Shellac Solvent / Reducer
Mohawk Shellac Reducer / (Behlen Behkol),
a DENATURED Alcohol,
is formulated specifically to
dissolve shellac flakes 
and dilute or 'cut' liquid Shellacs.

See the: Shellac Pound Cut Mixing Chart

Shellac Reducer (Behkol Denatured Alcohol) will make a shellac that has
a little more open
or 'working time', a good solvent choice in warmer weather
and when brushing larger areas such as woodwork.

Also used to dissolve Behlen Aniline Dyes for use as an Alcohol Dye.

               SAVE by the case of 6 = $10.74 per Qt.

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• M650-0056  -  DENATURED Alcohol/Behkol Shellac Reducer - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $11.90  -  Quantity   
• M650-0056.6  -  Case, 6 Qt. Denatured Alcohol / Behkol • UPS Only •  -  $64.44  -  Quantity   
• M650-0057  -  DENATURED Alcohol/Behkol Shellac Reducer - Gal. • UPS Only •  -  $43.60  -  Quantity   

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- The HOT Weather additive.
Slows Shellac Drying, helps to eliminate brush marks, promotes a smooth surface,
and minimizes orange-peel or over-spray when spraying. 
When the shellac is drying too fast due to heat, low humidity, or excessive airflow,
add just enough shellac retarder to enable easy application and flow-out.
 Especially helpful in hot dry conditions or when air flow or drafts causes overly fast drying.
       Quart Bottle  ••• NOT for use with Lacquers.

SRQ  -  $12.00  -  Quantity   
LACQUER REDUCER 2255  (Lacquer Thinner)

A special blend of solvents formulated for thinning nitrocellulose lacquers.

Use to thin:
• Lacquer Sanding Sealer
• Vinyl Lacquer Sanding Sealer
• Mohawk Nitrocellulose Lacquers
• Classic Stringed Instrument Lacquer.

Thinner improves flow of lacquers and adjusts viscosity for the spray equipment used.
     M650-010 & B611-0631

(Avoid using more than 15 % by volume of the lacquer)

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• M650-0106  -  LACQUER REDUCER / Thinner - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $15.95  -  Quantity   
• M650-0107  -  LACQUER REDUCER / Thinner - Gal. • UPS Only •  -  $34.95  -  Quantity   

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No Blush™ RETARDER • UPS Only •
No Blush & Super Blush RETARDER
No Blush Retarder

MOHAWK Aerosol No Blush™ Retarder is a blend of slow evaporating
solvents to be used with all Mohawk nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed lacquer,
and post-catalyzed lacquer coatings.
Small amounts may be added to correct most flow, blushing
or leveling problems that occur during application in humid environments.
     • Improves leveling
     • Extends flash dry time
     • Corrects finish blushing common during high humidity and cool rainy weather.

Super Blush™ Retarder (Gallon) is a premium, very slow solvent for use where
of extreme high heat and humidity exist. Use in small amounts to enhance flow and leveling
of nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed,
and post-catalyzed lacquer coatings.

For Control of O
range peel & Over-spray, Flash Off Control Solvent Is Highly Recommended

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• M716-3407  -  Super Blush™ RETARDER - Gal • UPS Only •  -  $37.85  -  Quantity   
• M103-0475  -  Aerosol, B101-0871 No Blush, Blush Eraser • UPS Only •  -  $7.89  -  Quantity   

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Flash-Off is used to improve the flow of lacquers and lacquer sealers
without slowing the drying.
Additions of one or two ounces of Flash-Off Control Solvent per gallon
of lacquer will eliminate orange-peel and over-spray roughness
in the finish and improve the overall smoothness.

Flash Off is NOT a Blush Retarder.
Blush (the white haze due to humidity in the air or moisture in the spray line)
is common in rainy or high humidity weather.

M716-5007  -  $37.95  -  Quantity   

Lacquer FISHEYE FLOWOUT (Fisheye Eliminator)
Fisheye Flow Out (Eliminates Fisheye Craters)
Fsheye Fowout

This special additive is used to assist in the prevention of fisheyes
(small craters formed in the lacquer film) due to the presence of silicone
or lubrication oil contamination.

Just add a few drops to lacquer and fisheye craters are eliminated.

      Packaged in a handy ONE Ounce eye dropper bottle
      3 drops per quart, AVOID over use.

B617-0001  -  $13.95  -  Quantity   

Pure Gum Spirits TURPENTINE, Quart • UPS Only •
100% Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine is a superior, natural thinner preferred by artists to thin or remove art paints.
Turpentine thinner helps thin oil-based paint, varnish, stain, enamel and art grade paints.
If used immediately after, it can also clean equipment and brushes.

PGST  -  $12.00  -  Quantity   
NAPHTHA Solvent / Thinner • UPS Only •
NAPHTHA --- Solvent & Thinner
aka: Varnish Makers and Painters Naphtha (VMP Naphtha)

aphtha is used to thin the viscosity and improve brushing
of solvent / oil based varnishes, paints, enamels and for
general cleaning of these solvent based finishes.
Naphtha can replace paint thinner and will help accelerate
drying time of oil based paints, enamels and varnishes.

Naphtha is an excellent cleaner for very grimy wood finishes.


Do Not
use for thinning or reducing: lacquers, shellac or latex paint.

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• B650-0056  -  NAPHTHA Solvent / Thinner - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $10.90  -  Quantity   
• B650-0057  -  NAPHTHA Solvent / Thinner - GAL. • UPS Only •  -  $29.95  -  Quantity   

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Grain Filler REDUCER, M608-1066 Qt. • UPS Only •

This special Por-O-Pack grain filler solvent blend
will maintain the working qualities of the filler.

A ratio of 4 parts Filler to 1 part Reducer is recommended.
Thin the viscosity of the filler depending on the wood pore structure.

A fine pored wood will require a thinner filler.

Use of the Filler Squeegee will make filling easier.


B744-2006  -  $21.00  -  Quantity   

Enduro EXTENDER, Hot Weather Additive
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Water Base EXTENDER / Retarder (The Hot Weather Additive)

General Finishes Enduro Extender (retarder) is a wetting additive
used to slow & increase the drying time of any water based stain, topcoat or glaze.

This additive is extremely helpful in managing too rapid drying
of waterborne finishing materials in very warm, dry or drafty conditions.

Interior & Exterior (can be mixed into any water base product)

Helps eliminate over-spray and ensure a smooth finish film.
Extender allows more working time and helps penetration for better adhesion in hot weather.

Available sizes: 
Pint Bottle (16 Oz.), 4 Ounce, Gallon

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• GFE.5  -  Water Based Extender RETARDER, Hot Weather Additive, Pt.  -  $11.95  -  Quantity   
• GFE.4  -  Water Based Extender RETARDER, Hot Weather Additive, 4oz.  -  $7.95  -  Quantity   

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General Finishes Enduro Accelerator is an additive
that shortens the dry time for water base wood finishes.

Use to accelerate drying of waterborne finishes
in cool, humid and damp conditions.


PINT (16 Oz) Bottle, and Gallon

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• GFEA.5  -  Enduro ACCELERATOR, Pt.  -  $11.95  -  Quantity   

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Klean-Stripฎ Strip-X Stripper
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PAINT REMOVER - Klean-Strip® Strip-X Stripper

Strip-x Gal

Strip-X removes latex and oil-based paint and varnish from wood,
metal and masonry in 30 minutes or less.
It also removes pigmented wood stains from wood,
restoring the wood's natural color.
The thick paste formula clings to vertical surfaces without runs or drips.
• Economical remover
   • Works in 30 minutes or less
   • Thick, brushable formula clings to surfaces

USE WITH PLENTY OF VENTILATION - Do Not Use in enclosed areas.

KSSX.G  -  $7.95 $3.95 - On SALE ! Quantity   

GOOF OFF - Aerosol, 12Oz • UPS Only •
GOOF OFF - Aerosol

Goof Off AerosolGoof Off Pro Strength Remover works the first time quickly and easily
removing tough spots and stains, like chewing gum, that ordinary household cleaners can’t.

Removes: adhesives & glue, crayon, pen & marker, gum, scuff marks, stickers & decals,
asphalt & tar, dried latex paint, duct tape, caulk, tree sap, candle wax and more

Ideal for all kinds of hard surfaces such as metals, glass, brick, wood, concrete, grout,
fiberglass, hand tools and most automotive surfaces.

     It works faster and better than other removers – use it when all else fails.
Cleans adhesive and glue, oil and tar, dried latex paint, hand tools, stains on carpet, clothing,
upholstery, crayon, pen and marker, graffiti and varnish, gum, candle wax, scuff marks,
caulk, lipstick and makeup, tar, bugs, tree sap.
     12Oz  Aerosol    Only $2.00 each by the case of 6

    Note: Do Not Use on fine wood furniture finishes

                -- on Fabrics & Rugs, Test for color fastness.

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• GOA.1  -  Aerosol, GOOF OFF - 12Oz • UPS Only •  -  $4.98 $2.25 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• GOA6  -  Aerosol, GOOF OFF - Case, 6 • UPS Only •  -  $24.00 $12.00 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   

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PDE™ is formulated to remove protein based paints such as Milk Paint.

Behlen PDE™ Paint Remover comes as a powder.
Simply mix the powder with water to create a remover that will
effectively dissolve up to 8 layers of old, latex, casein, oil paint, and milk paint.

• Non-toxic  • No fumes  • No fire hazard.

Not for use on shellac, varnish, lacquer, or urethanes.

B700-10005  -  $16.00  -  Quantity