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Mohawk Finishing Products
Division of  RPM Wood Finishes Group, Inc.
Product Data Sheet

Piano Lacquer
M610-130 (90 Sheen Gloss)
Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallons

Product Description:
Mohawk Piano Lacquer is a high quality nitrocellulose resin blend specially designed
to allow higher build without sacrificing clarity for piano finishing and refinishing projects.
Nitrocellulose coatings are the preferred material for the piano and musical instrument industry
because of its clarity and rubbing properties. Mohawk Piano Lacquer’s blended formulation
enhances these expectations by providing a harder more durable film that can be built
to a full 7 dry mils, and buffs to a higher sheen while maintaining excellent clarity.

Use Piano Lacquer where a heavier than normal film build is desired on surfaces
intended to be polished to a high gloss. Piano Lacquer is ideal for high end finishes
where high build and clarity are a must.

Formulated for high build applications up to 7 dry mils

Excellent rubbing clarity
Conventional VOC formulation
Can be sprayed HVLP, conventional high or low pressure or electro-statically.
Ready to spray in high gloss 90 sheen, can be heated to 100° F for hot spray
Yields harder finish than Classic Instrument Lacquer for added durability

Weight per gallon: 7.70 lbs/gal

Solids % (wt): 24.77
Solids % (vol): 18.69
Package viscosity: 21 - 23 seconds, # 4 Ford cup
Dry time: Air dry @ 77 F, 50% relative humidity
To touch: 7 minutes*
To handle: 15 minutes*

To recoat: 60 minutes*
* Increases with build
To rubout or package: 48 hours min.,
72 hours recommended

VOC’s (coating): 5.73 lbs/gal (688.27 g/l)
VOC’s (material): 5.41 lbs/gal (649.51g/l)
VHAP’s: .5496 lbs VHAP’s/lb solids
Package life: 3 years
Sheen: Gloss: 90

(Contains nitrocellulose resins, which tend to
amber in color over time but does not affect
coating performance)

All values theoretical; not intended to be exact
QC specifications.

HMIS: Health – 2, Flammability – 3, Reactivity – 0, Personal Protection - X

Stir thoroughly before using. Seal with a full wet coat of E-Z Vinyl® Medium Solids Sealer
(M610-801), E-Z Vinyl® Sealer (M610-800), Finisher’s Choice™ Clear Lacquer Sealer (M610-2500),
or Self Seal and allow to dry for 30-45 minutes. Sand thoroughly with 220-320 grit stearated sandpaper,
and remove dust before topcoat application. Apply even wet coats of Piano Lacquer (M610-130)
up to 4 wet mils. Build to desired finish depth not to exceed 7 mils of dry film thickness.
If sanding between coats is desired, use 240 or finer grit paper and remove dust before top-coating.

Piano Lacquer (M610-130) is manufactured at spray viscosity and possesses excellent flow out
characteristics, further reduction is not recommended. If further reduction is required, Mohawk M650-010
Lacquer Reducer or M650-080 Blush Resistant Reducer is recommended, 10% maximum addition.
Mohawk Lacquer Reducer (M650-010) is recommended for equipment clean up.
Use Mohawk Flatting Paste (M716-1706) for lowering sheen.
3 fluid ounces of flatting paste per gallon will yield a 40 sheen satin finish.

Note: For Best Rub-Out Results, allow the finish to reach a full cure (21 to 30 days).

Safety and Other Precautions: Read MSDS for precautions before using product.