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Mohawk Finishing Products, Inc.  - Product Data Sheet
M405-300, M405-500
Available in quarts and gallons

Product Description:
Mohawk’s “Lacover” Padding Finish is available at two solid content levels.
The M405-500 is the higher solids of the two “Lacover” finishes.
“Lacover” is mostly used with Mohawk’s “Blendal” powders.
Given this product design both the stain and finish can be repaired in one operation.

1. French polish finish.
2. Formulated for “Blendal” powder use.
3. Clear-gloss finish.
Product Limitations:
1. Not designed for exterior use.

Weight per gallon: 7.32 ± 0.1 lbs./gal. --  Spec. Gravity: 0.879 ± 0.01
Flashpoint: 30° F/ -1 c   -- Boiling Range 160 F/71c
Non Volatile (wt.) 15.0 – 17.0%
Coverage: 200 sq. ft./gal.
Package Life: 2 years
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): 742 grams/ liter, 6.2 lb./gal.
Air Quality Data: Non-Photochemically Reactive
HMIS: Hazardous Air Pollutants: 0.4 lb. Max. /1 lb. solids
Health: 1
Flammability: 3
Reactivity: 0
Personal Protection: B

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Surface should be clean and dry,
finish sanded with a wood moisture content of 6-8% maximum.
For best results, use only when product temperature is between 65° F and 90° F.
How to apply Lacover Padding Finish with a padding pad.

A. Put Padding pad in palm of hand.
B. Pour approximately ¼ ounce of LACOVER padding finish into the pad.
Precaution: Never soak or saturate pad with LACOVER padding finish.
The pad should never feel wet but should feel moist or cool to the touch.
C. Disperse LACOVER padding finish throughout the pad by tapping pad into the open palm of the hand.
This will avoid a wet spot in the pad and will help produce an even flow during application.
D. LACOVER padding finish is never wiped on a surface in the same manner as standard furniture polishes.
Imagine the swinging motion of the pendulum in a grandfather clock, LACOVER padding finish should be
applied in the same manner. Do not bend the wrist or stop the swaying of the pad with the grain of the
wood. Avoid padding cross grain on any furniture surface.
E. Continue padding until surface or defective spot has been built up or refinished with LACOVER padding
finish. Bare spots, packing marks, and surface scratches can be repaired with the above method.
For an entire surface, we recommend RAPID PAD padding finish or LAC FRENCH padding finish.

Safety Cautions:
Contents are EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Vapors may ignite EXPLOSIVELY.
Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. During use and until all vapors are gone,
keep area well ventilated. Avoid breathing of vapor and spray mist.
USE ONLY WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Wash hands after using. Keep container closed when not in use.
Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.


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