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POUR-N-WIPE / Master Gel FINISH • UPS Only •

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M603-3016 Qt • M603-3017 Gal

Pour-N-Wipe Finish - - - aka BEHLEN Master Gel Finish
Imparts a lustrous urethane finish to wood, protecting it against water and alcohol staining.
Master-Gel is self-sealing (no sealer coat is required) and virtually colorless when dry.

Use a white lint free cloth, such as trace cloth to apply finish to the wood.
Fold cloth to form a pad about the size of the palm of your hand.
Wet the pad enough to apply a wet coat finish.
Wipe on the direction of the grain. Do not overwork.
Use a brush for hard-to-reach crevices (and small areas or parts).
Allow to Dry, for 4 hours.
Wet sand lightly with 400 - 600 grit waterproof sandpaper,  or rub with #0000 steel wool.
After wet sanding, dry surface with a clean cloth.
Re-coat as needed to four dry Mils (3 to 4 coats).
Final coat may be left as a gloss finish or rubbed with 4/0 steel wool for a satin look.
Dries overnight.
After final coat, allow to dry a minimum of 12-hours before putting the piece into service.

For Best Results:
The work area, surface being finished, Pour-N-Wipe should be above 60°f

Maintain 60 degrees throughout the dry time of the coats.
Colder temperature can affect flow and dry times.


Clean up: Mineral Spirit / Paint thinner.

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• M603-3016  -  POUR-N-WIPE / MASTER GEL FINISH, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $55.95 $49.95 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• M603-3017  -  POUR-N-WIPE / MASTER GEL FINISH, Gallon • UPS Only •  -  $98.00 $92.00 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   

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