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Can Label Text
M603-3016 / B550-30016

Pour-N-Wipe Finish - - - aka BEHLEN Master Gel Finish
Imparts a lustrous urethane finish to wood, protecting it against water and alcohol staining.
Master-Gel / Pour-N-Wipe is self-sealing (no sealer coat is required) and virtually colorless when dry.

Use a white lint free cloth, such as trace cloth to apply finish to the wood.
Fold cloth to form a pad about the size of the palm of your hand.
Wet the pad enough to apply a wet coat finish.
Wipe on the direction of the grain. Do not overwork.
Use a brush for hard-to-reach crevices (and small areas or parts).
Allow to Dry, for 4 hours.
Wet sand lightly with 400 - 600 grit waterproof sandpaper,  or rub with #0000 steel wool.
After wet sanding, dry surface with a clean cloth.
Re-coat as needed to four dry Mils (3 to 4 coats).
Final coat may be left as a gloss finish or rubbed with 4/0 steel wool for a satin look.
Dries overnight.
Additional notes:
For Rubbing to sheen allow at least 48 hours cure time.

Clean up: Mineral Spirit / Paint thinner.

Product Data Sheet
Availale in Quarts, Gallons

Product Description: Pour-N-Wipe™ is a very versatile finish with many applications in
finishing, refinishing and restoration work. It imparts a lustrous satin finish, protecting wood
against alcohol and water staining and is very mar-resistant. Pour-N-Wipe is durable enough
for use on hardwood floors, bar and table tops. The finish can be easily rejuvenated by cleaning
the surface with Mohawk Wax Wash. Then, lightly sand the surface and apply a thin coat of
Pour-N-Wipe™ following directions. The surface will be dust free in 20 minutes. Re-coat in
four hours and hard enough in twelve hours to put the piece to service. New and stripped
surfaces can be finished with out spraying, quickly leaving no brush marks or messy clean up.
All in all, once you try Pour-N-Wipe, you will agree that it is a superior easy-to-use finish.

1. Wipes on as easily as furniture polish!
2. Provides a tough, alcohol resistant polyurethane finish.
3. Apply with a cloth or by a “squeegee” for large surfaces.
4. Pour-N-Wipe finish is self sealing.

Product Limitations:
1. Designed for interior use only.

Weight per gallon: 7.25 ± 0.1 lbs./gal.
Flashpoint: 105F/40C
Package Viscosity: 55-60KU/ 100 grams
Dry time: Air dry @ 72F, 35% RH
To touch: 45 minutes
Tack free: 90 minutes
To handle or recoat: 4 hours
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC):
535.38 GPL, 4.46 lb/gal
Spec. Gravity: .87 ± 0.01
Solids % (wt.): 38.02
Solids % (vol.): 30.89
VHAPs: .0001
Coverage: 495 sq. ft./gal. @ 1 dry mil
Package Life: 3 years
HMIS: Health: 1, Flammability: 2, Reactivity: 0, Personal Protection: X

PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS: For rejuvenation of a current finish,
sand the surface lightly with 320 grit sandpaper and remove dust and debris.
For best results, clean with Mohawk Wax Wash before applying Pour-N-Wipe®.
When finishing or refinishing, prepare the surface by sanding wood to no higher than
180 grit sandpaper. Stain if desired, following manufacturer’s directions and dry time.
Remove sanding dust and debris from surface.

APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: Use in a well-ventilated area. Pour a small amount
of Pour-N-Wipe™ onto the surface. Use a soft rag to wipe first across the grain,
followed by a uniform wipe with the grain.
Allow 4 hours to dry and lightly sand with 320 grit sandpaper before applying additional coats.
After final coat, allow to dry a minimum of 12-hours before putting the piece into service.
Sheen will increase slightly with each additional coat.
Use Mohawk M650-230 Mineral Spirits or paint Thinner for cleaning up.

Read & Follow All Label Cautions
Keep Out of the Reach of Children
Keep away from Heat, Sparks & Flame
Use Only with Adequate Ventilation

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