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Aerosol, 'Tone Finish' CLEAR LACQUERS

Mohawk Logo    Aerosol Application Tips

Aerosols are convenient, portable tools that provide professional solutions
for touch-up and repair or finishing wood projects.
These guidelines are provided for users with tips that are specific to our aerosol products.

Aerosol Golden Rules

1. Always use in a well-ventilated area, that for best results is at least 70°F degrees.

2. Never apply aerosol near an open flame, or where there is a pilot light, aerosols are flammable.

3. Before using any Aerosol always shake the can vigorously up and down until
he agitator balls inside are loose.
Once the agitator balls are loose, swirl the can in a circular motion for 1 minute.

This will thoroughly mix any colorants or flatting agents in the can so that,
when you spray the can, the result will be what you expect. After shaking,
test the spray with a short burst on a scrap piece of cardboard to clear the tube and evaluate the spray pattern.

4. After use, always turn the can upside down and press the spray button until only propellant is coming out of the can.
This will clear the tube and nozzle so the can will be ready to spray the next time that you need it.
Failure to do this could result in the tube or nozzle clogging, which will prevent the can from spraying.

Lacquer Toners,
Master Toners & Guitar Toner Aerosols

Toners are used to shade color onto areas that have already been finished but are off color slightly
or need additional accent color
like a sunburst on a guitar. Door or drawer edges are other areas where toners are used.

• Toners are applied in multiple, light even coats. Avoid heavy coats and adding too much color too quickly.

If the toner sheen is okay, then it is not necessary to apply an aerosol topcoat over it unless;
A) you prefer a different or more durable final finish such as a Pre-Cat, or B) you need to adjust the sheen either higher or lower.

Sanding Sealers

Sanding sealers such as Top Coat Sealer and  Sealer are used to provide a smooth and level surface for the final finish.
Sanding Sealer is used under nitrocellulose or acrylic lacquer topcoats. These nitrocellulose sealers are typically lower solids,
which build slower than Vinyl Sealer and Pre-Catalyzed Sealer. Most have sanding agents that powder when sanded.
These are common sealers for use on furniture.

The Vinyl Sealer aerosol and Pre-Catalyzed Sealer are commonly used for cabinetry or other areas that
will be top-coated with a
pre-catalyzed finish or the Stringed Instrument Lacquer.
These sealers offer higher build, increased moisture resistance, and are
designed for higher traffic areas.

• All sealers should be applied in light even coats. Usually, at least 2 coats of sealer are applied.
  Each coat should be sanded with, at least 280 grit abrasive, and top coated with a final finish product.

 • No Sealer is designed to be a final finish;
          they are typically softer than topcoat finishes.


CLEAR Topcoat Finishes

• Topcoat finishes include nitrocellulose, acrylic, and pre-catalyzed choices that are available in different sheens,
typically Gloss and Satin.

• Nitrocellulose finishes include Jet Spray™ Clear Lacquers, Water Clear Acrylic, Lacquer for Brass, Stringed Instrument Lacquer. Top Coat Lacquer and Smooth Coat Lacquer are typically used on furniture and other indoor wooden surfaces.

Pre-Cat Lacquer is typically used on cabinetry and other high-traffic areas where moisture resistance and durability
are a concern because they cross-link after application becoming harder and more durable than nitrocellulose lacquers.

To topcoat a spot repair, apply the lacquer in light coats, fully depressing the spray head. Tone Finish Clears,
in a good range of sheens, are ideal for this use.

• When coating a complete section, such as an end table top or the entire side of a chest, apply topcoat finishes in light even coats.
To assure a smooth finish, we recommend that you apply the product by starting at the edge nearest you and spraying in overlapping lines (parallel to the edge) working toward the edge farthest away from you. Usually, 2-3 coats are used.

Specialty Aerosols

Blush Eraser is used to eliminate blushing (white, milky appearance of finish if applied in a humid environment), overspray (dry spray from the last coat that did not melt into the surrounding area leaving the surface feeling gritty) or to melt or re-flow a finish with light scratches that can be seen but not felt. Blush Eraser is applied by misting it onto the surface very lightly. If sprayed too heavily, it will run or cause the finish to stay wet for longer than you prefer. Blush Eraser can be used with any sheen.

Aerosol Stains and Glazes may be applied as heavily as required followed by removing the excess and wiping or brushing to color. Stains and glazes are particularly prone to clogging the pick-up tubes and nozzles if the aerosols are not cleaned
properly after use.

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