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Product Data Sheet
Water Clear Acrylic (13 oz. aerosols)
M102-0426 (Gloss),  M102-0427 (Satin),  M102-0428 (Flat)

Product Description:
Water clear protective coating for furniture, paper, and plastic products. Does not yellow with age, which is especially helpful when used over white and other pastel colors. It can also be used on metals such as chrome, brass, and aluminum to add a finish with a controlled sheen.

1. Easy to use.
2. Non-yellowing.
3. Adhesion to metal.

Weight per gallon: * 6.30 lbs/gal (including propellant)
Solids % (wt): * 15.03
Solids % (vol): * 10.39
Package viscosity: 23-25 seconds, #1 Zahn cup
Dry time:
Air dry @ 72 F, 35% relative humidity
To touch: 7 minutes
To handle: 15 minutes
To package: overnight
PWR category: CCP
PWR Category limit: 1.5
PWR of product: 1.017*
*Includes propellant; values vary between sheens
Package life: 3 years
Gloss: > 90
Satin: 35-45
Flat: 10-15
HMIS: Health – 2, Flammability – 4, Reactivity – 0, Personal Protection – X

SHAKE WELL for at least one minute after ball rattles.
Can temperature should be between 65° and 90° F. Hold can 12 to 14 inches away from surface to be coated. Press spray button firmly. Several thin coats work better than one heavy coat. Clean spray button after use by turning can upside down and pressing spray button until no more product comes out.

Safety and Other Precautions: Read MSDS for precautions before using product.

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• M102-0426  -  Aerosol, Water Clear Acrylic, B103-016 - GLOSS • UPS Only •  -  $11.59  -  Quantity   
• M102-0427  -  Aerosol, Water Clear Acrylic, B103-017 - SATIN • UPS Only •  -  $11.59  -  Quantity   
• M102-0428  -  Aerosol, Water Clear Acrylic, FLATT • UPS Only •  -  $11.59  -  Quantity   

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