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Aerosol, CLEAR E-Z Vinyl LACQUER SEALER • UPS Only •

..Vinyl Sealer

Excellent Sealer / Moisture Barrier for Wood Substrates

B611-1706 Quart  •  M612-8007 Gallon  •  Aerosol M102-8000

Text from the Can Label

Mohawk Vinyl Sealer
develops an excellent moisture barrier for the wood substrate while providing a good base for all Mohawk lacquer finishes.

Vinyl Sealer is provided in a ready to use formulation that needs no further reduction or catalyst.

Vinyl Sealer may be applied over raw wood or filled and sanded substrates.
(Please - See product labels for proper application of paste wood filler.)

#1 - Surface should be finish ready
(at least 280 smoothness) and dust free. Moisture content should not exceed 8%.

#2 - Apply one wet uniform coat of Vinyl Sealer.

#3 - Allow at least ONE hour dry time. Scuff sand to 320 grit smoothness. Remove all dust.
Optional: If a second coat of sealer is required on raw wood, repeat steps 2 & 3.

#4 - Apply first coat of (gloss) lacquer.

#5 - Apply additional coats (1-3) of gloss lacquer as required, allowing one hour drying between coats.

#6 - Final coat of desired sheen lacquer.

Clean Up: Lacquer Thinner

Contains: (see can label)

Do not get in eyes on skin or clothing.
Do not breathe Vapors.
Use only with adequate ventilation
Keep away from heat, sparks, or flame.

Flammable. Causes eye and skin irritation.
Harmful if swallowed. Vapor harmful.
For Industrial and Commercial Use Only.
Read and follow all label cautions.

First Aid:
If affected by the product, remove to fresh air.
If Swallowed, Do Not induce vomiting.
Flush eyes or skin immediately with plenty of water.
If exposure occurs get medical attention immediately.

See Material safety Data Sheet (MSDS) sheet for complete information and First Aid.

Quart, (32 Oz.) -- B611-1706
Gallon -- M612-8007
Aerosol, 13 fl. oz. -- M102-8000

Additional Notes & Information:

Aerosol Vinyl Sealer is ideal for use on smaller projects such as guitar finishing.

Vinyl Sealer should be used as the
under-coat for Classic Instrument Lacquer.

Important: Do not build a finish with Vinyl Sealer, no more than 2 coats are advised.

Let a gloss finish to cure & harden 14-21 days for best result in rubbing a finish to the desired sheen.

Cool and Dark tightly sealed.

* Liquids Ship via UPS Ground Only *

Aerosol, CLEAR E-Z Vinyl LACQUER SEALER • UPS Only •