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PUMICE STONE (Powdered Abrasives)

PUMICE Label Text

Pumice #2F - Medium - M720-1202   &    #4F - Fine - M720-1402

Pumice Stone is made from natural lava rock and is non-toxic.
Use a filter mask to avoid breathing of dust particles.
Use goggles to protect against eye irritation.


1 - Sand with the grain using P800A Silicone Carbide Waterproof sandpaper,
     using Paraffin Oil, Wool-Lube, or water as a lubricant.

2 - Follow using P1200A grit in the same manner. Clean the surface with a soft rag.

3 - Sprinkle a thin coat of 2F Pumice Stone on the finish
   along with several drops of Paraffin Oil or Wool-Lube to create a paste.

4 - Using a felt block or soft cloth, rub the mixture in long strokes with the grain.

5 - Once a uniform sheen is developed, clean the surface with a soft rag.

6 - Repeat steps 3-5 using 4F (Fine) Pumice Stone.

7 - Next, (for a Gloss sheen) repeat steps 3-5 using Rottenstone.

8 - Apply wax or polish as desired to protect the finish.

Blue Label Paste Wax or Oz Polish will add to the luster.

Additional Notes:

Rub only on fully cured finishes:
Follow coating manufacturer’s cure times when rubbing out new finishes.

For Best Results when rubbing out a finish,
make sure the finish is fully cured and not just dry.

Most air dry finishes need a full 21-30 days under good conditions
to achieve maximum final cure and hardness.
A fully cured finish, will yield more predictable and consistent rub-out result.

For a more aggressive cutting action mix the Wool-Lube with a little water.

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Avoid Contact with Eyes

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• M720-1202  -  PUMICE - 2F (MEDIUM) 1 Pound, Shaker Can  -  $11.35  -  Quantity   
• PSƒƒƒ  -  PUMICE - 3F (MEDIUM / FINE) 1 Pound (Dbl. Plastic Bag)  -  $9.95 $8.00 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
• M720-1402  -  PUMICE - 4F (FINE) 1 Pound, Shaker Can  -  $11.35  -  Quantity   

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