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Selected BEHLEN Products
for Traditional Finishing, Repair and Maintenance

(Text from the OZ Polish Bottle Label)

OZ® Cream Polish The 'all in one' Cream Polish

New & Improved! -- Lower VOC!

all enameled, varnished and lacquered wood or metal surfaces,
leather, linoleum, tile, glass, porcelain, masonite.

Furniture, Pianos, Woodwork, All Kitchen Appliances,Venetian Blinds,
Bathroom Fixtures. Windows, Mirrors.
(Not for use on oil or wax finishes.)

Clean and wipe surfaces well.
Pour a small quantity of polish on a clean, soft, lint-free cloth and apply in the conventional manner.
For stainless steel and formica, apply with dampened sponge.

OZ does not require excessive rubbing-the surface brightens immediately and will not show finger marks. Previously waxed and oil polished surfaces can cause smudging because of build up. If so, remove with mild detergent and warm water before applying OZ.
Keep from freezing - and DO NOT apply to flatt painted surfaces.

Contains: water, paraffinic oil, aliphatic petroleum distillates, castor oil, surfactant

Safety Directions:
OTHER HAZARDS: Causes eye, skin, nose and throat irritation. Use only with adequate ventilation. Vapor harmful. May affect the brain or nervous system causing dizziness, headache or nausea.

Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing.
Do not breathe vapors. Use only with adequate ventilation. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame.

FIRST AID: If affected by product, remove to fresh air. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.
Flush eyes or skin immediately with plenty of water. If exposure occurs, get medical attention immediately.

See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete information and First Aid.

(End: Text from the OZ Bottle Label)

OZ® Cream Polish now offers
• Anti-static agent for less dusting
• Lower VOC • Ultraviolet light absorber to protect the color of woods
• Lemon scent for a fresh, clean fragrance
• Extended evaporation rate, larger pieces can be polished with greater ease.
• One step application; Cleans, Polishes, and Protects.
May be used on any smooth surface;
furniture, marble, tile, refrigerators, cabinets, chrome, fixtures.
(Not for use on oil or wax finishes.) Non-flammable, non-abrasive, greaseless, quick drying.

OZ® Cream Polish - The 'All in One' Cream Polish. - - - - Contains NO Silicones.



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• B800-12415  -  OZ CREAM POLISH PINTS  -  $14.95  -  Quantity   
• B800-12416  -  OZ CREAM POLISH QUARTS  -  $20.95  -  Quantity   
• B800-12417  -  OZ CREAM POLISH, GALLON • UPS Only •  -  $49.90  -  Quantity   
• B800-aero  -  OZ CREAM POLISH, Aerosol  -  $9.60  -  Quantity   

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