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  Permakote Bowling Alley Wax is designed to provide heavy-duty protection and a high gloss finish for all wood, composition, stone and polished concrete surfaces.The wax is formulated from select carnauba and synthetic waxes suspended in a solvent-based system.
Bowling Alley Wax is a time tested favorite of wood crafters and custom furniture builders for over 50 Years.

  For floors it is easily applied with a low-speed buffing machine and steel wool or buffing pad, this one-step application dissolves and suspends black heel marks, oily deposits, and soil, leaving behind a wax finish which can be buffed to a lustrous shine. Used in a routine maintenance program, Permakote forms a tough film which will prevent damage to expensive wood surfaces and polished concrete from scratching, dirt penetration, and soil or water stains. Bowling Alley Paste Wax also effectively protects cork, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, ceramic tile and polished concrete surfaces.

  Permakote Paste Wax is available in clear and light oak to allow grain enhancement when used on wood surfaces.

  This wax is also effective as a rust resisting protection for tools and woodwork machine surfaces, used for a protective coating for metal and fiberglass surfaces, and can be used as a release agent in molding or casting applications.


  FLOORS: Sweep or vacuum floor surfaces to remove grit, sand, or dirt. Using a low-speed buffing machine (175-300 rpm) apply a small amount of the paste wax to the bottom of a #1 or #0 steel wool or soft buffing pad. Using the buffing machine apply a very thin even coat of wax to the floor. For small areas, inaccessible with a buffing machine, Bowling Alley Wax can be applied by hand. The wax will dry to a satin sheen look in approximately 20 to 30 minutes. 

  The waxed surface can then be polished with a buffing machine and soft polishing brush, pad, or by hand with a soft cloth or brush to a hard, lustrous shine. For large areas Permakote’s gloss protection can be maintained by dry buffing with a floor machine equipped with polishing pads. Apply additional coats of wax, as needed, until desired gloss and level of protection is obtained.

  For FURNITURE: apply apply a very thin even coat of wax with an oil free #0000 steel wool, a soft cloth, pad, or brush. The wax will obtain a satin sheen in when the solvents evaporate in approximately 20 to 30 minutes depending on drying conditions. Paste wax buffs best to an even sheen when totally dry. Reapply as needed and usage requires.

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