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Welcome to the, where you get the highest-quality dry shellac flake at discount prices, imported directly from India. To insure fresh product we bring new product in by air monthly.
Shellac is perfect for antique restoration, furniture refinishing, casework, architectural woodwork, toys and general woodworking.

Shellac is a Non Toxic - Child Safe Finish.
Also used as sizing in leather-working, millinery, bookbinding, injection molding, and wall-papering industries.

Dewaxed Shellac
Dewaxed shellac has superior clarity, and is an excellent undercoater (other topcoats like lacquer, oil-based and/or water-based varnish won't stick to waxy shellac very well). Our prices on dewaxed shellac are so good, there's no reason to use waxy shellac, unless you have a specific application (restoration, instrument-building, floor finishing or canoe-building) which requires a waxy shellac.

"No matter the question, the answer is probably shellac."

If you're pressed for time, then cut right to the chase as to why shellac is better than varnish for nearly all of your wood finishing requirements.

For basic questions check out the shellac guide.
See product descriptions (& some photos), on our Shellac price listing.

We are committed to providing the finest shellac available to the
woodworker, finisher, refinisher, and restorer.

The difference
There's more to a vendor than price.
There's service, quality, selection, and dependability.
We have access to several exporters of shellac from India. We are constantly looking for new, interesting variations of shellac and are currently importing 18 shellac varieties. Seasonal shortages can occur.

Five pound packages of one flake style have been discounted $7.50.
That's $1.50 per pound discount.

We accept most Debit, Credit Cards, & PayPal. Ordering with our High Security on-line shopping cart expedites label printing. Your card number is never seen and is secure. We personally pack and ship each order, hand selecting the shellac flakes for the highest quality. We ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail or UPS. We have shipped literally tons of shellac flakes worldwide and to all 50 states in packages as small as 4 oz. and as large as 55 lbs.

We are well stocked, and keep a substantial inventory on hand.
Your product will be fresh. We purchase direct from the manufacturer.

Read what our customers have to say.

Note: Strain all grades of shellac, either through t-shirt material or cheese cloth. Though the flakes themselves are of the highest quality, some bits of fibre from various packaging material may find its way into your flakes.

As with any type of finish, it's important to TEST on a scrap piece
of the same kind of wood, prepared the same way as your project.

A wise man once said,
"If you don't experiment on scrap, you'll be experimenting on your project."


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