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Select Products for Traditional Furniture Finishing, Touch-Up, Repair and Maintenance

FILL STICKS, MASTER Assortment - All 12 Colors

Selected BEHLEN Products
for Traditional Finishing, Repair and Maintenance

Fill-Sticks - Touch-Up Markers - Graining Pens
& Epoxy Woodtone Putty

The Behlen rub-on wax & resin fill-stick fixes and hides scars, scratches, gouges,
and deep abrasions on furniture, picture frames, hard leather surfaces, plastics and paneling.
Behlen fill-sticks are formulated to accept any type of top coat finish.
A slight warming of the stick helps application especially in cool environments.

•  For wear areas and top surfaces the 'Burn-In Stick' will provide a permanent repair.
•  To fix minor surface discoloration or missing finish color use the felt tipped
'Scratch Remover' Touch-Up Markers.

Colors shown are for comparison only, color rendering subject to computer monitor limitations.
FILL STICKS, MASTER Assortment - All 12 Colors