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FIL-STICK, MASTER Assortment - 12 Colors

Select Products
for Traditional Finishing, Repair and Maintenance
The Behlen / Mohawk rub-on wax & resin Fil-Stick fixes and hides scars, scratches, gouges,
and deep abrasions on furniture, picture frames, hard leather surfaces, plastics and paneling.
Fil-Sticks are formulated to accept any type of top coat finish.
A slight warming of the stick helps application especially in cool environments.

•  For deeper defects, wear areas, and top surfaces the 'Burn-In Stick' will provide a permanent repair.
•  To fix minor surface discoloration or missing finish color use the felt tipped
'Scratch Remover' Touch-Up Markers.
                          Colors shown are for comparison only, color rendering subject to print and computer monitor limitations.

Light Walnut Fill StickLight Walnut Ex Dk Walnut Fill StickEx Dk Walnut Cherry Fill StickCherry White Fill StickWhite Black Fill StickBlack Maple Fill StickMaple
Dark American Walnut Fill StickDk Am Walnut Med Dk Walnut / Lt. Mahogany Fill StickMed Brn Walnut Med Dk Red Mahogany Fill StickMed. Mahogany Lt. Golden Oak Fill StickGolden Oak Light Red Mahogany Fill Stick
Lt Red Mahogany

Deep RED MAHOGANY Fill StickRed Mahogany

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· Fil-Stick - LIGHT WALNUT $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - EXTRA DARK WALNUT $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - CHERRY $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - WHITE $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - BLACK $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - MAPLE / NUTMEG $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - MEDIUM BROWN AMERICAN WALNUT $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - MEDIUM DARK WALNUT / LIGHT MAHOGANY $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - MEDIUM DARK RED MAHOGANY $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - LIGHT GOLDEN OAK $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - LIGHT RED MAHOGANY $3.65 Quantity   
· Fil-Stick - DEEP RED MAHOGANY $3.65 Quantity   

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