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SYSTEM THREE -- 15 Minute QuickCure Epoxy

QuickCure-15 will give you additional working and assembly time over the 5-minute QuickCure.

For ease of assembly, positioning and clamping time; we recommend QuickCure-15.

   • A two-component, solvent-free, epoxy/polymercaptan adhesive system.
   • Mix at a convenient 1:1 ratio.
   • Ideal for all small jobs requiring a strong bond and rapid cure.
   • An excellent gap filling adhesive.
   • Highly water resistant but not waterproof.
   • Cures at lower temperatures.

For use as an adhesive filler for missing knots or voids in wood.

First prepare the area around the defect to be repaired. Blue masking tape or a coat of sealer or shellac will protect the surrounding grain from unwanted filler color.

1 - Start with an equal parts of A & B of the QuickCure-15

2 - Mix fine ground pigments, or fine sawdust, of the appropriate color into the Part A.

3 - Use only the amount of coloring agent as required to achieve the required color
(an overload of pigment will affect the adhesive strength and curing).

4 - When well mixed and the color is correct, then fold and mix the B part into the colored A part.

When mixed, you will have about 10 minutes to fill and adjust the repair before it becomes too stiff to work

5 - fill the repair slightly proud of the surface to allow for sanding level when cured.

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• QC15.50ml  -  System Three 15 Min. QuickCure Epoxy (1.6oz.) 50ml Cartridge  -  $16.95  -  Quantity   
• QC15.8  -  System Three 15 Min. QuickCure Epoxy - 1/2 Pint, 4oz ea Part A & B  -  $18.95  -  Quantity   
• QC15.16  -  System Three 15 Min. QuickCure Epoxy - Pint, 8oz ea Part A & B  -  $35.90  -  Quantity   

Please enter quantities of desired items above then click