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Behlen Salad Bowl Finish - Clear  

Behlen Salad Bowl Finish
has been specially formulated to meet government standards of
CFR21,175.300 to create a nontoxic, safe for food content (in its cured state) finish.

Salad Bowl Finish
has the application ease of an oil finish (just use a clean white cloth)
and the film building and sheen producing (up to a satin) qualities of a varnish.

Salad Bowl Finish
may be applied to wooden: Furniture (Highchairs, Cribs, Etc.)

      • Utensils (Spoons)
      • Food Service Platters
      • Sushi Platters
      • Infant Furniture, High Chairs
      • Recreational Objects (Games, Puzzles, Children's Toys) &, of course, Salad Bowls

Salad Bowl Finish is a specially formulated finish with the application ease of an oil finish and the sheen building
and resistance properties of a varnish. Wooden bowls, wooden utensils, counter tops and recreational related objects (games, puzzles, etc.) when finished with Salad Bowl, may be used in contact with foods.

* It's great for furniture too!

Procedure To Apply Salad Bowl Finish:

  1. Sand Wood to 320 grit smooth.
  2. Remove all dust with tack cloth or vacuum hose.
  3. Apply Salad Bowl Finish to wood with lint free white cloth.
  4. Apply one thin, uniform coat.
  5. Allow 6 hours dry time before re-coating, lightly scuff sand with 400 grit sandpaper.
  6. To re-coat, repeat steps 2 through 5.
  7. Apply enough coats to thoroughly seal the surface,
  8. softer or open pore woods may need several coats.
  9. Allow 24 hours prior to rubbing with nylon mesh pad or 4/0 Steel Wool.
  10. Allow at least 72 hours curing prior to use with food.
  11. Clean-up with Mineral Spirits.
  12. To insure that materials coated with Salad Bowl Finish
    may be used in contact with food, you must do the following:

    1. Apply to raw (non-stained) wood.
    2. Use as is (Salad Bowl Finish is a ready to use product), do not add reducers.
    3. Use only additional coats of Salad Bowl Finish to build a finish (do not apply over other finishes).
    4. Wait at least 72 hours, observing proper curing conditions,
      to allow all detectable traces of the Mineral Spirits solvent to evaporate.

(NOT intended for use on cutting boards or cutting blocks)

H. BEHLEN & BRO. Salad Bowl Finish meets government standards
of CFR21,175.300 to create a nontoxic, food safe (in its cured state) finish.


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