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QUICK FILL® BURN-IN Sticks (Low Heat)

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make filling defects quick and easy. Designed to fill nicks, dents, and scratches,
it’s the perfect filler for cabinetry, vinyl wrapped products and photo processed laminates.
• Low sheen   • Quick and simple application
• Perfect for production, field service technicians, cabinet & floor installers.
    Quick Fill sticks are applied using the Micro Therm Flameless Heat Gun, B900-3215
Light Red Mahogany
Lt Red Mahogany
Deep MahoganyDeep Mahogany True Brown Quick FillTrue Brown Ex Dk Walnut Quick Fill
Ex Dark Walnut
Cherry Quick FillCherry Red Brn Mahogany Quick FillRed Brn Mahogany
Light Golden Oak Quick Fill
Lt Golden Oak
Nutmeg Quick FillNutmeg Heartwood Cherry Quick FillHeartwood Cherry Cinnamon Sugar Quick FillCinnamon Sugar Black Quick FillBlack White Quick FillWhite

Quick Fill Burn-In instructions

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M320-1200  -  Quick Fill® Burn-In Sticks, Complete Set of 12  -  $52.60 $49.60 - On SALE !  -  Quantity   
M320-0001  -  Quick Fill® B320-0001 Burn-In Stick, LIGHT RED MAHOGANY  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0002  -  Quick Fill® B320-0002 Burn-In Stick, DEEP MAHOGANY  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0003  -  Quick Fill® B320-0003 Burn-In Stick, TRUE BROWN  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0004  -  Quick Fill® B320-0004 Burn-In Stick, EXTRA DARK WALNUT  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0005  -  Quick Fill® B320-0005 Burn-In Stick, CHERRY  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0006  -  Quick Fill® B320-0006 Burn-In Stick, RED BROWN MAHOGANY  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0007  -  Quick Fill® B320-0007 Burn-In Stick, LIGHT GOLDEN OAK  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0008  -  Quick Fill® B320-0008 Burn-In Stick, NUTMEG  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0009  -  Quick Fill® B320-0009 Burn-In Stick, HEARTWOOD CHERRY  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0010  -  Quick Fill® B320-0010 Burn-In Stick, CINNAMON SUGAR  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0011  -  Quick Fill® B320-0011 Burn-In Stick, BLACK  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   
M320-0012  -  Quick Fill® B320-0012 Burn-In Stick, WHITE  -  $4.55  -  Quantity   

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