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Genuine WALNUT Crystals
(a natural organic dye material)

To make an inexpensive and useful water stain Van Dyck Crystals are dissolved
in HOT water
(not boiling) to obtain colours from dark brown to a light tan.
To Mix: Dissolve 4 ounces by weight in 1 quart (32 Oz.) of HOT water.
The volume of crystals can be varied to obtain the desired colour;

or make a strong stock solution, then dilute a portion with hot water for lighter tones.
To assure even results strain through a filter cone or clean cotton cloth
to eliminate any possible sediment.

(The addition of a tablespoon of Technical Ammonium Hydroxide to a quart of the solution
will increase the penetration into the wood and slightly darken the colour.
Keep the ammonia off your hands and avoid breathing the fumes.)

(Use water soluble aniline dye in mixed liquid form to enhance or tone towards warm or cool colours.)

Van Dyck (Vandyke) Crystals
Genuine Walnut Crystals 
yield shades of Brown from a Light Straw to Deep Brown.
This traditional old-world dye is used to patinate or tone light coloured wood
and enhance rich tones of walnut and other dark toned timber.
Use on furniture, timber framing, woodwork, and small craft to achieve a natural aged look.
Walnut Crystals are an inexpensive and useful water Dye stain.
(This is NOT an aniline dye, but Very Useful for intermixing with water based aniline dyes)

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• VDXL1  -  Van Dyck Crystals / Genuine WALNUT CRYSTALS - 1 Lb  -  $25.95  -  Quantity   
• VDXL8  -  Van Dyck Crystals / Genuine WALNUT CRYSTALS - 1/2 Lb  -  $13.45  -  Quantity   
• VDXL4  -  Van Dyck Crystals / Genuine WALNUT CRYSTALS - 4 Oz  -  $9.60  -  Quantity   
• VDXL5  -  Van Dyck Crystals / Genuine WALNUT CRYSTALS - 5 Lbs  -  $125.95  -  Quantity   

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