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Mohawk Product Data Sheet Finishing Products, Inc.
M506- Color Number • M506- 000 Clear
Available in: Quarts, Gallons

Product Description:
Mohawk Heavy Bodied Glazing Stains have a new
improved formula with the texture of cream for
better control and easier distribution of the glaze
finish without dripping or running. Heavy Bodied
Glazing Stains are manufactured from the finest
refined non-break Linseed Oil and micronized
pigment colors. All colors can be intermixed to
achieve additional shades. Colors are very
concentrated and can be let down only with Mohawk
Heavy Bodied Clear Glaze if a weaker glaze is
needed. Heavy Bodied Clear Glaze can be tinted
with Base Concentrate Colors.
Glazes are excellent for special effects:
1. Highlights  2. Grain (faux finishes)
3. Color contrast  4. Antiquing
5. Frosting  6. Splatter or distressed appearance.
7. Marbleized texture.
8. Metallic effects by adding small amounts of
   bronzing powders.

Product Limitations:
Rags or other materials containing this product may
oxidize and ignite. All contaminated
materials should be immersed in water
immediately to avoid spontaneous combustion.
Specifications: Mohawk’s Heavy Bodied Glaze can
be applied by rag, brush, pad and spray. It can be
used to highlight or to blend in areas. Several coats
may be used for antiquing, graining and marbling.
This Glazing Stain has good open time and can be
recoated within 1-2 hours. Glaze may be applied
over enameled surfaces to achieve appearance of any
antique base color. Colors can contrast or harmonize
depending on the effect desired. Clear Glazing Stain
is used to reduce the intensity of the colored Glazing
Stains to whatever level is necessary.

On a sealed surface, apply coat of

glazing stain with glazing brush, painting one side at
a time. Long even strokes with the grain produce the
best results.
For highlighting, allow Glazing Stain to set a short
period, then lightly wipe areas using cheesecloth.
If required for effect, wipe other areas more heavily
to remove some of the applied glaze.

Use a dry brush to work sculptured areas. If glaze
becomes too tacky, a mist coat of Mineral Spirits
M650-230 or a rag dampened with mineral spirits
will assist in application and yield the desired effect.
Steel wool method: an alternate method to achieve
random grain appearance is by using 3/0 steel wool.
Work with the grain using long pendulum type strokes in a sweeping motion. Work strokes into one another until wood grain or desired novelty effect is achieved.
(Make a test panel first to evaluate results.)

Setting glaze with lacquer:
1. Allow surface to dry 1 hour.
2. Apply mist coat of nitrocellulose lacquer.
     This will set the glaze.
3. Respray with heavier passes, allowing time for
    solvent to flash off between passes. Allow lacquer
    to dry thoroughly before completing finishing.
4. Apply finish coats to achieve desired appearance.

Glaze must be top-coated within 6 hours of
           application to assure lifting will not occur.


Safety Cautions:
Contents are FLAMMABLE. Heavy Bodied Clear
Glaze (M506-000) is Combstable.
Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame.
During use and until all vapors are gone,
keep area well ventilated.
Avoid breathing vapor and spray mist.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Wash hands after using.
Keep container closed when not in use. Do not
transfer contents to other containers for storage.
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• M506-0006  -  Heavy Bodied Glaze CLEAR GLAZE BASE, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $38.95  -  Quantity   
• M506-01436  -  Heavy Bodied Glaze RAW UMBER, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $48.90  -  Quantity   
• M506-14356  -  Heavy Bodied Glaze BURNT UMBER, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $48.95  -  Quantity   
• M506-14786  -  Heavy Bodied Glaze VAN DYKE BROWN, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $39.95  -  Quantity   
• M506-2246  -  Heavy Bodied Glaze BLACK, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $39.95  -  Quantity   
• M506-2026  -  Heavy Bodied Glaze WHITE, Qt • UPS Only •  -  $42.95  -  Quantity   

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