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PREMIER Touch-Up / Fill Stick, Dk Tone Set of 12 (2.89 ea)

Premier Touch-Up / Fill Stick, Dark Tone Set of 12

The wax touch-up / fill stick is simple to use for making a cosmetic repair to damage on fine furniture or cabinetry.
Premier sticks are manufactured for the industry using the finest waxes and pigments available.
To use the product, simply rub the stick back and forth over the void until the void is completely filled.
Then remove the excess by either scraping off with a plastic putty knife (credit card) or you can buff off with a soft cotton cloth.
  • for making cosmetic repairs on finished furniture or cabinetry
  • small dings or damage
  • staple and nail holes
  • small cracks and splits

Dark Tone Colors:
    125 Lt Red Mahogany
    127 Traditional Mahogany
    128 Cordovan Mahogany
    129 Brown Red Mahogany
    130 Dark Oak
    131 Extra Dark Oak
    132 Medium Dark Walnut
    133 Dark Walnut
    134 Dark Pecan
    135 Tavern Pine
    136 Extra Dark Walnut
    137 Black

PREMIER Touch-Up / Fill Stick, Dk Tone Set of 12 (2.89 ea)
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