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HARD FILL Burn-In Sticks - Set #1

 HARD FILL Set # 1 of 10 Colors
Hard Fill #1 Colors
M310-0202  - WHITE
M310-0224  - BLACK
M310-0360  - HONEY MAPLE
M310-0901  - CLEAR
M310-1478  - VAN DYKE BROWN
M310-4012  - FAWN GLAZE
M310-4062  - MOCHA
M310-4071  - KONA
Hard Fill Application Procedure


Step-By-Step Procedure Instructions

Step 1
Select he correct color of Hard Fill.
Clean the area to be repaired with a piece of fine grit sandpaper,
and use a sharp knife to remove any splinters. No damage can protrude above the surface.

Step 2
Choose either the flat tip or pointed tip for the Battery Operated Burn-In Knife.  

Step 3
Turn on the Battery Operated Burn-In Knife and allow it to heat up for about 30 seconds

Step 4
Depress the button, slide the switch up and press the tip into the hard fill solution

Step 5
Once the material is on the tip, slowly press the solution into the repair.
Once the filler has slightly cooled, take a worn credit card and press
the molten material into the entire area. 

Step 6
Once the Hard Fill has dried, use the Hard Fill Leveling Tool
to remove all excess material from the repair.
This tool will not scratch or harm the surrounding area of the repair.

Step 7
Take a lint-free cloth or paper towel and buff the repair.
If desired, take a Brush Tip Graining Marker and apply grain to the repair. 

Step 8
Topcoat and seal in the repair area with the appropriate sheen finish

Note: The Hard Fills Do Not require use of the Burn-In Balm
              as used with the E-Z Flow™ Burn-In Sticks.

HARD FILL Burn-In Sticks - Set #1