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Hot Stuff SPECIAL "T" (GREEN Label) Cyanoacrylate Glues

Satellite City
HOT STUFF Instant Glues
Satellite City HOT STUFF™ Glues in Woodworking, Finishing, Repair

With any supply, getting use to the way it works by
practice & use are the best teachers. As a starting place
these guidelines have been collected from experience
and are provided so that you might get the most from the
HOT STUFF Instant Glues.
Instant glues are not a substitute for regular aliphatic
(woodworker's) or plastic resin assembly and laminating glues,
however HOT STUFF Glues will become an extremely
useful & Time Saving TOOL in any wood shop, repair,
refinishing, or touch up facility.

At this time we would like to say that it is the craftsman's roll
to determine the suitability of this very permanent glue in such
repairs as Antiques & musical instruments where such use
would make later finishing and or repair work difficult. It is
this authors opinion that such repairs as genuine antique
veneers should still be made with hide glue in keeping with
the integrity and value of the piece. (If any one has tried to
refinish or dye a veneered surface that has been repaired in
part with modem non stain taking glues you know what an
impossible and difficult situation this can be.)

• Store UNOPENED bottles in the refrigerator or freezer.
    (this will give maximum shelf life after opening the glue.)
• Bring glue bottles of glue to room temperature
    4-8 hours (after refrigeration) prior to opening.
• DO NOT store Opened Bottles in refrigerator,
    this will shorten shelf life of the glue.
• DO NOT poke pins or nails in the spout this introduces
    foreign matter and moisture that can shorten product life and
    make an unbelievable mess of the tip.
DO wear eye protection

• DO tap the tip sharply and squeeze air through the tip
(wear eye protection) after use and prior to replacing the cap
(Always replace the cap). Occasionally there will be a small
hardened "pin" of glue in the tip of the spout, remove by
pulling out with fingernails or the tip of a knife or pin.

• Caps that become hopeless can be revived
by soaking in acetone in a small capped bottle for a day or
so, let dry thoroughly prior to placing the spout and cap
back in service. Extra tips and caps are available in a pack
of 2. (Extra tips are good to have on hand. I can tell you
from experience that the tips WILL get clogged
immediately if you happen to get in contact with a part
or surface where the accelerator is active.)

• When Refinishing, do glue repairs prior to cleaning or
stripping as any excess glue will be taken care of in finish
removal operations.

• On finished surfaces a coat of wax around the area
(not in the joint or crack) will keep any excess from
sticking to the adjacent surface.

apply the accelerator too soon as foaming
    and bubbling will occur.
• DO NOT Refill Glue Bottles, the partially cured
    remnants in the bottle well hasten the cure of the new
    product and shorten the glue life.

There are 3 glues in the system:
For simplicity we will refer to the glues by their
LABEL color ( all the glues are water clear.)

• Yellow label, Super T: is the general purpose glue,
    its medium viscosity & drying time allows some
    alignment and assembly time.

• Red label, Hot Stuff: is used for assembled joints
    (such as chair stretchers and legs that are loose and
    won't come apart easily, tight cracks, and any place
    a thin viscosity fast dry glue is called for.

Green label, Special T: is a heavy bodied thick
    viscosity glue allowing the most assembly time and is
    excellent on very porous surfaces or where complex
    alignment and assembly requires the most time to work.

& Very Important:

• NCF - Surface Preparer Accelerator is part of
the gluing system and while there are times where it
is not called for, trying to use the glues without the
accelerator is like trying to win a fight with one arm
tied behind your back. The NCF accelerator is an
excellent degreaser and prep prior to gluing.
The accelerator has a part life of approximately 5
minutes. If you desire a sure bond (especially on
hard surfaces where manufacturing oils may remain)
clean, then squirt the part or parts with accelerator;
allow to set for 2 minutes then proceed with gluing.

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