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PREMIER™ HD 'Brush Tip' MARKERS, Set of 36

Premier™ HD Touch-up Marker

Premier’s new High-Definition Brush Tip touch-up tool provides
high detail touch-ups and extremely fine line graining.

 ·  Synthetic brush tip will apply fine lines or very long runs without loosing ink to the tip.

 ·  Specially formulated dyes give perfectly crisp and clear colors for easy matching and blending.

 ·  State of the art resin system for smooth application and excellent durability and gloss.

 ·  Dye-resin blend applies smoothly, for long or short runs.

 ·  Dries quick enough for almost immediate handling or clear coating.

 ·  Durable precision brush tip holds its shape indefinitely.

 ·  Easy to use, simply remove cap and apply.

 ·  36 colors provide exact matches to most finish colors.

 ·  Assortment packaged in a convenient roll-out canvas pouch.

 ·  Color coded label shows the exact color of each marker.

Brush Tip Marker Set

High-Definition Brush Tip Markers
Assortment of 36 colors in a canvas roll-out pouch

HD-02 Natural

HD-03 Natural Light Oak

HD-04 Sandstone

HD-05 Wheat

HD-06 Honey Maple

HD-07 Natural Red Oak

HD-08 Light Pine

HD-09 Light Oak

HD-10 Red Oak

HD-11 Colonial Maple

HD-12 Fruitwood

HD-13 Heritage Oak

HD-14 Maple

HD-15 Universal Cherry

HD-16 Light Walnut

HD-20 Medium Walnut

HD-21 Oak

HD-22 Medium Pecan

HD-23 Vintage Oak

HD-24 Brown Cherry

HD-25 Light Red Mahogany

HD-26 Fireside Oak

HD-27 Traditional Mahogany

HD-28 Cordovan Mahogany

HD-29 Brown Red Mahogany

HD-30 Dark Oak

HD-31 Extra Dark Oak

HD-32 Medium Dark Walnut

HD-33 Dark Walnut

HD-34 Dark Pecan

HD-35 Tavern Pine

HD-36 Extra Dark Walnut

HD-37 Black

HD-38 Espresso

HD-92 Light Grey

HD-93 Medium Grey

PREMIER™ HD 'Brush Tip' MARKERS, Set of 36