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Arm-R-Seal Oil Based Urethane Topcoat

Arm-R-Seal Oil Based Urethane Topcoat

Color tone: Warm amber tone.
Arm-R-Seal Oil Based Urethane will continue to darken over time.

Oil Based Ambering: Yes 
Sheens: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin  
Interior Use
Product Type: Oil Based Urethane 

Coats (#): 3 coats recommended
Can Sizes: Pints, Quarts, Gallon
Coverage: Quart, 100 Sq. Ft. -- Gallon, 400 Sq. Ft.
Viscosity: N/A

Application Method: Brush or Roll
Brushable: Yes Sprayable: *Yes 
Spray Tip Sizes: HVLP .043-.051 Medium Air Cap


Durability (Highest, High, Medium, Low): Highest
Hardness (Koeing): 77
Wear (Taber): 57.1 mg loss
Water (5 max): 5 
Chemical (105 max): 99 

Touch: 12 hrs.
To Re-coat: 24 hrs.
Before Light Use: 7-10 days 
Until Complets Cure: 30 days 

VOC: <540 g/L 

DRY TIME: 7 days. Good ventilation, air movement and higher temperatures will accelerate dry time.
Cooler temperatures will slow dry time.

CURE TIME: 30 days under ideal conditions (70 degrees and 70% humidity).
Cure time is the amount of time needed for the finish on a piece to reach maximum hardness and be ready for normal use. This is different than "dry time."  During the curing stage, treat the item with special care.
Avoid placing heavy objects on it.

Always avoid the use furniture polishes, dusting sprays or oil soaps
as they may contaminate the finish for future recoating.
Use a water dampened cloth for regular cleaning.

WATER SPILLS AND DAILY USE: Clean water spills up as they occur during regular use and protect from heat. Although General Finishes products are water resistant, they are not impervious to water. Surfaces will not be damaged by spilled water so long as it is cleaned up promptly. We recommend using coasters to protect your wood from standing water and pot holders to protect from heat.

PREVENT SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: This is a combustible product.
Dispose of product soaked rags for all oil base products in accordance with local ordinances.

CLEANING YOUR FINISH: Clean with a water-damp rag.
Do NOT clean until the finish has cured completely (30 days). 
If your surface requires deep cleaning due to grease or grime, add a speck of detergent or a bit of vinegar. 

Avoid using oil-soap or silcone-based daily cleaners such as Pledge, Endust or Murphy's Oil.

On bare wood sand to 150 or 180. Can be wet sanded into the wood using 400-600 grit.
Wipe off excess after sanding.

COMPATIBILITY: Can also be used over Danish Oil, Lin- seed Oil & Tung Oil once they are dry.

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• GFAS-G.6  -  Arm-R-Seal Oil Urethane, GLOSS - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $24.00  -  Quantity   
• GFAS-G.5  -  Arm-R-Seal Oil Urethane, GLOSS - Pt. • UPS Only •  -  $16.00  -  Quantity   
• GFAS-SG.6  -  Arm-R-Seal Oil Urethane, SEMI-GLOSS - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $24.00  -  Quantity   
• GFAS-SG.5  -  Arm-R-Seal Oil Urethane, SEMI-GLOSS - Pt. • UPS Only •  -  $16.00  -  Quantity   
• GFAS-S.6  -  Arm-R-Seal Oil Urethane, SATIN - Qt. • UPS Only •  -  $24.00  -  Quantity   
• GFAS-S.5  -  Arm-R-Seal Oil Urethane, SATIN - Pt. • UPS Only •  -  $16.00  -  Quantity   

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