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(Concentrated Water-based Polymer Emulsion)

If you're using Milk Paint on a non-porous surface we strongly recommend
you consider using Extra-Bond in the first coat.

Milk Paint EXTRA-BOND is a water-based polymer emulsion. When added to Milk Paint it gives the paint greater adhesion to hard non-porous or previously finished surfaces. EXTRA-BOND is added to Milk Paint for better adhesion. Used by custom furniture builders, interior designers, craftsmen, and do-it-yourselfers for bonding on hard non-porous surfaces. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, low odor and VOC free.

EXTRA-BOND is mixed with Milk Paint before painting on surfaces such as glass, baked enamel,
primed metal, oil or latex painted surfaces, and varnish, shellac or polyurethane surfaces.

• Easy to use
• Fast drying.
• No odor when dry
• Environmentally safe, Non-toxic and VOC-Free
• Long shelf life
• Easy soap and water 
clean up

• Color: White; dries clear/satin
• Consistency: Viscosity of heavy cream

• Temperature: Best brushing consistency
   use at 70° F to 85° F (room temperature)
• Drying Time: Approximately one hour
• Combustibility: Non-combustible 

• VOC'S: None
• Shelf Life: 1 to 2 years at room temperature
• Freeze / Thaw Stability: None
• Important; Do not allow to freeze.
• Clean Up: Soap and Water

Please Note:

Two rules should always be followed in the application of MILK PAINT with Extra-Bond,
or of any other finish for that matter:
1 - Make sure the surface is perfectly clean.
2 - First, test the Milk Paint (with Extra-Bond added) on a scrap piece of the same surface material.


Thoroughly clean the surface to be painted.
Use a cleaner that does not leave a soapy or oily residue such as TSP.
Hard shiny surfaces should be dulled somewhat with Scotch-Brite, sandpaper or steel wool.

Measure out equal parts of mixed Milk Paint and EXTRA-BOND. Mix together.
You may actually use as little as one part EXTRA-BOND to two parts Milk Paint,
but better adhesion may be achieved using equal parts

If a second coat of Milk Paint is desired allow two (2) hours between coats.
EXTRA-BOND is not 
necessary for the second coat.

Clean up with water.

EXTRA-BOND should be stored at room temperature with the lid on tight.
Important; Do not allow to freeze.

Packaged in Liquid measures:
One Pint, One Quart & One Gallon

Click here Material Safety Data Sheets for EXTRA-BOND

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