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Natural earth fine ground pigments are used to colour paints, shellacs, varnishes,
lacquers, liquid and wax polishes, cement and reconstituted stone or marble,
and to mix with modeling plaster, wood epoxies or putties.
They are also used to patinate and age painted surfaces & new varnishes.
Natural earth pigments are very fade resistant when exposed to light.
Blend pigments to obtain intermediate tones and colours.
Earth pigments are Not soluble in water or alcohol.

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• EP.VD  -  Earth Pigment, VAN DYKE (Deep Brown) 1 Lb  -  $24.85  -  Quantity   
• EP.RO  -  Earth Pigment, RED OCHRE, 1 Lb  -  $24.85  -  Quantity   
• EP.ROX  -  Earth Pigment, RED OXIDE (Venetian Red), 1 Lb  -  $24.85  -  Quantity   
• EP.YO  -  Earth Pigment, YELLOW OCHRE, 1 Lb  -  $24.85  -  Quantity   
• EP1.YO  -  Earth Pigment, YELLOW OCHRE, 100 gr (3.5oz.)  -  $7.00  -  Quantity   
• EP.COG  -  Chromium Oxide, Chrome (Viridian) GREEN Pigment - 1Lb.  -  $32.90  -  Quantity   

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