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ENDURO-VAR Water Borne Urethane Varnish

ENDURO-VAR Water Borne Urethane Varnish

GENERAL FINISHES Enduro-Var top coat, a modified oil urethane in a water system,
is a premium urethane water base top coat.

Enduro-Var is a highly advanced self cross-linking formulation.

Water Based Formulation
Interior Use ONLY

Ambering: Produces a warm amber tone
Sheens: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin, Flat
Product Type: Oil-modified Urethane

Coats Required: 3 coats
Can Sizes: Quarts, Gallons, 5 Gallon Pails
Coverage: Quart,150 Sq. Ft. --  Gallon. 600 Sq. Ft
Viscosity: 35-45 sec
Application Method: Brush, Roll or Spray
Spray Tip Sizes: .043 -.051 tip and nozzle, No. 9 -10 air cap.

Dry Times:
To Touch: 30 min.
To Re-Coat: 2 hrs.
Before Light Use: 7-10 days
Until Fully Cured: 21 days


Durability: Medium
Hardness (Koeing): 123
Wear (Taber): 95.6 mg loss
Water (5 max): 3
Chemical (105 max): 84

VOC: <250 g/L

It will adhere over an oil stain ONLY IF the stain is completely dry (minimum 4 days drying).
Use Enduro-Var over any other surfaces at your own risk.
Recommended uses: windows, book- cases, wall shelves, furniture, dressers, stools, mill-work,
doors, kitchen cupboards, and tables.

Sanding: On bare wood sand to 180, 220 for more open grained woods.
Additives: Do Not add cross linker to this product - it is already cross linked
Sealer: Do not use sealers with the product.


Will Enduro-Var amber walnut or cherry if you are not going to stain it?
Yes, it departs a warm amber tone, and brings out grain definition as a traditional solvent urethane would.
Works great on exotic woods such as paduk, cocobolo, and bubinga.

What is the difference between Enduro-Var and High Performance?
The biggest difference is Enduro-Var ambers and High Performance is water white with no amber
Enduro-Var is a modified urethane with no acrylic and is slightly more durable, chemical and water resistant.
High Performance is a combination of urethane and acrylic and is durable enough for most interior projects.

Can I use shellac under the Enduro-Var? Regular Shellac
No,vUSE a Seal Coat Made with a DEWAXED Shellac

If you need to lock in dye, use only one light coat, of dewaxed, 1# cut, and sand lightly (220 or 320) before applying Enduro-Var.

Can I tint Enduro-Var to add color to my project?
Yes, Enduro-Var can be used as a toner. Add 5% of any of General Finish dye or stain, which will enhance the color tone.
Amber or Vintage Cherry work great or a 50/50 combination of both, for a deep oiled look.
Two coats will give you even more color and depth.

Can I use the Enduro-Var over oil base stains?
Yes, Enduro-Var can be applied over any dried stain.
For standard oil base stains 24-48 hour wait time, water base stains and dyes two hours.
Not recommended over linseed oil or danish oils. 

How do I apply the top coat with out getting any bubbles or overlaps?
Apply liberally to ensure workability. Brush on using full, wet coats of finish with long, overlapping strokes. Do not over work this product, it starts drying right away. Catch a missed area on the next pass. If you are doing large areas such as tables or doors, use a Handi-Painter applicator, spray or use a larger brush, and keep a wet edge.

Can I use Enduro-Var for exterior applications?
No, it is not exterior rated. Exterior 450 is our exterior rated acrylic finish.

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