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Hydro Care Wood Floor Protector is a water-based, environmentally friendly, wax maintenance product that can be used on all types of wood flooring. Hydro Care should be applied in very thin coats and is intended to even up (refresh) the appearance in the traffic areas of the floor while providing a thin, soil resistant protective coating.

Surface Preparation
• Remove furniture, rugs, etc. Wipe up all food and liquid spills and sweep, vacuum or dust mop floor.

Routine Cleaning
• Clean floor before using Wood Floor Protector
• Gently shake to mix for 30 seconds.
• For use, spray a very thin coat of product onto the floor and spread.
• Work in sections small enough to keep the applicator pad wet. Smooth with the grain.
  Continue until the entire floor is finished.
• When finished, rinse applicator pad with water.
• Allow the floor to dry at least 1 hour before walking.

For Best Results
• Always perform a test on a small inconspicuous area that is representative of your whole floor
  to determine compatibility and to ensure you like the newly polished look before use.
• Coat the entire floor to ensure an even appearance.
• Allow floor to dry completely before walking (typically 1 hour).
• A second coat may be applied after 2 hours.
  Allow 24 hours before heavy traffic.
• Apply every 4-8 weeks depending on traffic pattern.
  Heavier traffic areas may require more frequent applications.