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Oil Based GEL Urethane TOPCOAT

Oil Based Wipe-On GEL Urethane TOPCOAT
Oil Based GEL Urethane TOPCOATColor: Warm Amber Tone
Oil Based

Sheen: Satin
Interior Use Only
Product Type: Oil & Urethane

Coats (#): 3 coats
Can Sizes: Pints, Quarts, (on order Gallons)
Coverage: Quart, 100 Sq.Ft. -- Gallon, 400 Sq.Ft.
Viscosity: 1200-2000 cPs

Application: Wipe on with a lint free cloth, natural bristle brush, foam brush, paint pad applicator, or roll.
Sprayable: No

Durability (Highest, High, Medium, Low): Highest
Hardness (Koeing): 49
Wear (Taber): 82.6 mg loss
Water (5 max): 5
Chemical (105 max): 102

To Touch: 8 hrs.
To Recoat: 24 hrs.
Before Light Use: 7-10 days
Until Cured: 30 days

VOC: <565 g/L

Coats: Minimum 3 coats, additional coats can be applied
Apply liberally with a foam brush or roller and lightly wipe the excess away with a clean cloth.

Sanding: On bare wood sand to 150 or 180.
Can be wet sanded into the wood using 400-600 grit. Wipe off excess after sanding.

General Finishes Seal A Cell Clear, oil base Pre-stain Natural Conditioner, or can be used as a self sealing finish on it's own on bare wood or stripped surfaces.

WARNING: TEST FOR COMPATIBILITY WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT WITH PRODUCTS FROM OTHER BRANDS. General Finishes products should be tested to your complete satisfaction before using. General Finishes will not be responsible for any failure if our products are used in conjunction with other brands of finishes. We do not test General Finishes products with those of another manufacturer and will not accept liability if there is a compatibility issue.

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