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ANILINE DYE Water Soluble

Water Soluble Aniline Information & Application Guidelines:

The water soluble anilines are best for light fastness, transparency of colour, accentuating the wood grain, ease of application, lack of lap marks and use under lacquer. They will not leave a muddy surface. They can however raise the grain and create a fuzzy look. Prior to staining lightly sponge the surface with clean water or a dilute solution of dye. Sanding off the raised fibers with fine paper after thorough drying will eliminate this problem. Proper surface preparation is well worth the effort. For best results apply with a sponge, soaking areas thoroughly. Squeeze out the sponge and remove the excess stain, leaving a uniformly damp surface.
Let the surfaces dry 12-24 hours before proceeding with polishing or finishing.
(It is important to have the depths of the wood dry not just the surface)

Hints & Tips:
1 - For consistent results use distilled water & mix powder by weight.
2 - Use plastic straws to pipette (by covering the end with your finger) measured amounts of liquid into a glass container to make small test batches (Keep Notes) then multiply the test batch by an appropriate measure to arrive at a working solution volume.
3 - Remember that the wood tone will show through & blend with the dye color for your final result. If you are trying to match an existing commercial dyed product, there is a strong possibility that the wood was bleached to remove all color prior to the dye process; if you hope to replicate the same result, bleach with a two part wood bleach first then dye, you will save hours of frustration.
4 - The water soluble anilines are best for light fastness however different colors are more resistant to fading than others. The following steps are recommended if you wish to assure the best in fade resistance; Use Fresh Solutions, thoroughly saturate the wood with dye 2 or 3 times. Top coat with At Least a sanding sealer, and better, finish coats containing UV (ultraviolet light) inhibitors.

Dissolve approximately (1 oz. in 1 Pint) or (1/4 Lb. in 2 Quarts) or (1/2 Pound in 1 Gallon) of hot (not boiling) water. Add the powder gradually to the water while stirring or agitating. Mix and store in plastic or glass container. For a darker tone, add powder; for a lighter tone use less powder or add water. Cool to room temperature prior to use. Apply using sponge, brush, or cloth. Dye may be mixed, (In its liquid form), to obtain desired color, shade, or tonal result. Keep notes and make a test on a scrap of the same wood as to be dyed, evaluate color after wood is dry. Van Dyck Crystals (genuine walnut crystals) make an excellent and inexpensive base from which to mix wood tones.

It is best to mix what will be used within a short period of time.
Store in a dark cool place, tightly capped for up to 6 months.

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Wash Hands thoroughly with soap and water Immediately after use.

ANTIDOTE: EXTERNAL, flush thoroughly with fresh water
INTERNAL, give magnesia, chalk or whiting followed with emetic (induce vomiting)
[Tablespoon of mustard and a Tablespoon of warm water] Call a physician.


Warranty: Wood Finish Supply and/or the vendor assume no responsibility expressed or implied,
for the results of or the misapplication or misuse of these materials.

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