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Product Data Sheet
Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish

M615-2980 (Gloss), M615-2960 (Semi-gloss), M615-2940 (Satin), M615-2920 (Matte), M615-2910 (flat)
Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallons

Product Description: Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish is a premium two-component finish, designed to provide maximum protection for all types of furniture including kitchen and bathroom cabinets. When applied per directions, the system meets all KCMA test requirements for use in high moisture areas. Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish is 550 VOC compliant.
1. High moisture and chemical resistance, meets all KCMA test requirements
2. Meets federal and state VOC requirements
3. Water white and non-yellowing
4. Excellent cold check resistance
5. Excellent adhesion
Weight per gallon: 8.00* lbs/gal
Solids % (wt): 43.56*
Solids % (vol): 36.67*
Package viscosity: 17-18 seconds, # 4 Ford cup
Dry time: Air dry @ 72 F, 35% relative humidity
To touch: 20 minutes
To sand and recoat: 45-60 minutes
To rub-out or package: 24 hours
VOC’s (coating): 4.44* lbs/gal (533.45* g/l)
VOC’s (material): 4.36* lbs/gal (523.54* g/l)
VHAP’s: 0.48* lbs VHAP’s/lb solids
Specific Gravity: 0.96*
Package life: 3 years
Spread rate: 588* sq ft / gal @ 1 dry mil
Sheen(s): Gloss: > 80, Semi-gloss: 60, Satin: 40, Matte: 20, Flat: 10
*Varies between sheens. All values theoretical; not intended to be exact QC specifications.
HMIS: Health – 2, Flammability – 3, Reactivity – 0, Personal Protection - X

Directions: Stir thoroughly before using. Seal with Mohawk Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish Sealer (M615-2900) or Mohawk E-Z Vinyl® Sealer (M610-800) or E-Z Vinyl® Medium Solids Sealer (M610-801) or self-seal and allow 45 minutes to dry before lightly sanding with 320 grit sandpaper. Catalyze Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish (M615-29XX) with 8 fl. oz. per gallon of Conversion Varnish Catalyst (M615-701).
Only catalyze the amount of product needed because excess material cannot be saved.
Stir material while adding Catalyst and continue to stir until thoroughly mixed.
Allow material to sit for 15 minutes before spraying.

Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish Page 1 of 2
Revised 5/19/11 formula version(s) - varied

Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish Page 2 of 2
Revised 5/19/11 formula version(s) - varied

Spray Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish in light, even coats of no more than 3-4 wet mils. If a second coat is desired, scuff sand with 320 grit stearated sandpaper and apply within four hours of previous coat. Total film build of the entire system, including topcoats, should not exceed 4 dry mils. Excessive build may lead to poor adhesion, cracking or cold check problems. If a retarder is necessary, use Mohawk Conversion Varnish Reducer Retarder (M650-1057).
Note: Total dry film of the entire system should not exceed 4 dry mil. All products should be stirred properly before being used and also continuously agitated while in use to insure product consistency from start to finish. Filtering at every opportunity is suggested. The system should be pre-tested on the wood to be finished under application conditions. Mixing with other products or finish systems is not recommended. Mohawk Finishing Products will not be held liable for finish failure resulting from mixing products or systems. This product is formulated for interior applications and is not recommended or tested for exterior use.
Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish (M615-29XX) is manufactured at spray viscosity. Mohawk Conversion Varnish Reducer/Retarder (M650-1057) is recommended for equipment clean-up. If second coat of Ultra™ Clear Conversion Varnish (M615-29XX) cannot be applied within 4 hours after first coat, allow to dry 24 hours, scuff sand surface just prior to recoating with 320 grit stearated sandpaper and remove sanding dust. Heavy sanding of previous coats should be avoided. Stainless steel spray equipment is recommended to avoid iron contamination (discoloration). Pot life is approximately 12 hours. Flush equipment and fluid lines at the end of each day with Mohawk Conversion Varnish Reducer/Retarder (M650-1057).

Safety and Other Precautions: Read MSDS for precautions before using product.
MSDS: If Material Safety Data Sheet is required, contact:
Mohawk Finishing Products
Division of RPM Wood Finishes Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 22000 Phone: 1-800-545-0047
Hickory, NC 28603 Fax: 1-800-721-1545

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M615-29807  -  Ultra® Clear CONVERSION VARNISH, GLOSS • UPS Only •  -  $69.95  -  Quantity   
M615-29607  -  Ultra® Clear CONVERSION VARNISH, SEMI-GLOSS • UPS Only •  -  $69.95  -  Quantity   
M615-29207  -  Ultra® Clear CONVERSION VARNISH, MATTE • UPS Only •  -  $69.95  -  Quantity   
M615-29107  -  Ultra® Clear CONVERSION VARNISH, FLATT • UPS Only •  -  $69.95  -  Quantity   
M615-7014  -  Conversion Varnish CATALYST Only - 8 Oz  -  $14.00  -  Quantity   
M615-29807.C  -  CONVERSION VARNISH GLOSS & CATALYST • UPS Only •  -  $82.00  -  Quantity   
M615-29607.C  -  CONVERSION VARNISH SEMI-GLOSS & CATALYST • UPS Only •  -  $82.00  -  Quantity   
M615-29207.C  -  CONVERSION VARNISH, MATTE & CATALYST • UPS Only •  -  $82.00  -  Quantity   
M615-29107.C  -  CONVERSION VARNISH, FLATT & CATALYST • UPS Only •  -  $82.00  -  Quantity   

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