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Aerosol, Bulls Eye® SHELLAC 'Clear' • UPS Only •

Product Data Sheet
Clear Spray Shellac, Aerosol
M102-0475 - 12 oz. Net.

Product Description:
A clear coating for furniture, floors, inside drawers and food cabinets.
Shellac has unusually good adhesion to hard-to-grip surfaces.
Hold out is exceptional on wood, plywood, and plaster.
Recommended for spot sealing knot holes,
sap streaks, and refilled areas before refinishing.
Can also be used as a barrier coat over a silicone contaminated area.


1. Good adhesion to hard-to-grip surfaces
2. Spot seal knot holes, sap streaks and refilled areas before refinishing
3. Use as a sealer or barrier coat over a silicone contamination, to seal contaminated areas.


   • Dry time: Air dry @ 77 F, 50% relative humidity
   • To touch: 15 minutes
   • To handle: 30 minutes
   • To re-coat: 60 minutes
   • To rub-out or package: 24 hours
   • Package life: 2 years
   • HMIS: Health – 2, Flammability – 4, Reactivity – 0, Personal Protection - X

SHAKE WELL for at least one minute after ball rattles. Can temperature should be
between 65° and 90°F. Hold can 12 to 14 inches away from surface to be coated. Press spray button
firmly. Several thin coats work better than one heavy coat. Clean spray button after use by turning can
upside down and pressing spray button until no more product comes out.

Dye or Stain if desired.
Seal with Clear Spray Shellac Sanding Sealer.
Dry ½ hour before sanding. Apply topcoat. Dry ½ hour.
Sand if needed. Apply second topcoat, and a third if needed.

If repair is rough, seal and sand. Feather topcoat evenly.

Safety and Other Precautions: Read MSDS for precautions before using product.


Aerosol, Bulls Eye® SHELLAC 'Clear' • UPS Only •
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