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Select (190 proof) DENATURED ALCOHOL Quarts • UPS Only •

About Denatured Alcohols

Denatured Alcohols (methylated spirits) for Shellac
Buy a good Shellac Solvent for making your own shellac finish.

A 'high test', 190 proof (5% denaturants), Denatured Ethanol Alcohol is preferred
as a Shellac Flake Solvent.

Unfortunately NOT all Denatured Alcohols are equal,
and there is No purity standard or required ethanol content to be labeled “Denatured Alcohol”.

It is next to impossible to find a 190 proof alcohol at the ‘big box’ home improvement or hardware stores. Many brands are formulated with as little as 50-60% Ethanol – and the balance are cheaper alcohols and denaturing solvents. Recently we went in search of high test Denatured Alcohol.
Out of ten paint, hardware, and home improvement stores, only a Sherwin Williams paint store had a190 Proof denatured alcohol.

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will list the ingredient percentages
of the product (most can labels do not).

A ‘denaturant’ is added to Ethanol Alcohol (a drinkable spirit) to make it unfit for consumption.
The original denaturant was Methanol Alcohol, and the term ‘Methylated Spirits’ is used in many parts of the world in referring to Denatured Alcohol.

A 190 Proof Denatured Alcohol is operator and earth, ‘Green’, friendly.
"Klean-Strip Green” is a a retail brand of 190 Proof Denatured Alcohol.
If you can find Klean-Strip Green or another high test 190 proof Denatured Alcohol,
buy your shellac solvent locally and save on shipping.

Shop Note:
By settling on one brand and using a known Denatured Alcohol proof or purity
you will have more predictable results and eliminate one finishing variable.

Adjust your Shellac mixture for hot weather, drafty conditions, or heat conditions with SHELLAC Retarder (not a lacquer retarder).

When the shellac is drying too fast due to heat, low humidity, or excessive airflow,
add just enough shellac retarder to enable easy application or flow-out
(add only what is necessary and  don't exceed 15-20% by volume)
When spraying shellac, the retarder will help eliminate over-spray and orange-peel.
Avoid over-use;
keep in mind that use of the retarder will require longer drying times
between coats of shellac.

To avoid costly flammable shipping charges, we ship in quarts, by United Parcel Service Ground.

Select (190 proof) DENATURED ALCOHOL Quarts • UPS Only •