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BEHLEN SPAR / YACHT, Restoration VARNISH, Qt. • UPS Only •

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H.BEHLEN  W.W. Restoration Varnish


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Behlen WW Restoration Varnish is a top-quality phenolic resin,
'long oil'
Spar Varnish for interior and exterior use.

Tough, durable, elastic and waterproof, withstands weather and heavy foot traffic.
Not affected by saltwater.
There is No Lead in this pale yellow formulation.


Wood Preparation:

Stain raw wood with Behlen Solar-Lux Dye or pigmented wood stain.
Allow required drying time for each type of stain or dye; in the sand likely to 320 grit.
Open grain should be filled with Behlen Pore-O-Pac or water-based grain filler.

Remove dust with tack cloth.
The surface must be finish ready
with no foreign material that could inhibit adhesion of the finish.


Mix (stir) thoroughly with a paddle, do not shake as vigorous shaking would
incorporate air bubbles which could become trapped in the dry film.

BEHLEN WW Restoration Varnish is applied at brush and consistency.
As a seal coat Behlen WW Restoration Varnish should be reduced
one to one with
mineral spirits or varnish reducer.

Other coats are applied at full strength (for a better flow, may reduced up to 25%)


It is recommended that a good natural bristle brush be used for W.W. Restoration Varnish.
Best results are obtained once in uniform coats are applied across the grain of the wood
and then brush leveled with the grain.

Allow overnight dry time between coats.

Scuff sand with 320 - 360 grit paper between coats.


Depending on drying conditions, and the thickness of finish applied, allow at least
72 to 96 hours drying time before rubbing, either wet or dry.
Environmental conditions of 75°F, low humidity,
and with good air movement (when tack free) will expedite drying / curing.

For the very best results, allow the finish to cure for at lest 14 days, prior to rubbing out.

After Rubbing,
Allow an additional 24 hours cure time before use.

For reduction or clean up:
use Mineral Spirits or Varnish Reducer.


Called "Water White" because it is extremely pale - much less of an amber tone than other varnishes.

Non-toxic when dry.

Sets dust free in 1 to 2 hours - dry in 4 hours .
Full Cure in 21-30 days  - depending on environmental conditions.

Danger! Combustible.
Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Causes eye irritation.
Keep out of reach of children.
See other cautions on the can back panel.

BEHLEN SPAR / YACHT, Restoration VARNISH, Qt. • UPS Only •