Moving Rubber Bands as Clamps

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Mar 232019

Large Moving HD Rubber Bands as Clamps
A creative “outside the box” application of Large Rubber Bands
designed to secure moving blankets.
from Jay Rosen —

I purchased these “heavy duty rubber bands”
to secure moving blankets around furniture.

I use them for all types of projects.
Especially helpful for gluing up odd shaped items.
Easier than a strap clamp.
Good compression.
Chair glue-ups, edge veneering, and similar.

For a simple item, they are super helpful.!

Jay, Thanks  for sharing.



Mar 092019

DVD de retoque y reparación de madera
Wood Touch Up & Repair DVD

El sistema de entrenamiento iteractivo de
Mohawk está diseñado para entrenarlo a Ud.
a hacer retoques y arreglos sobre productos
de madera haciendo uso de las técnicas más
avanzadas que existen al respecto en esta industria.
Este video interactivo incluye instrucciones
sobre las siguientes áreas:
• El análisis del daño  • El relleno de los daños
• El reemplazo de colores 
• El reemplazo de las vetas
• La aplicación por puntos de um acabado

• El ajuste del brillo  • La eliminación de rayas
• El cuidado del acabado 
• …Y muchas más
“Este es un excelente DVD para el aprendizaje de reparaciones de acabado de madera”

Comprar el DVD

Mar 072019

Solving Common Wood Finishing Problems
(Recommended reading for all finishers)

Regardless of your finish of choice, water or solvent based, both modern and
traditional coatings require many of the same considerations for application success.

• Select a recommended finish to meet the project requirements.
•  Read The Directions.
Most finishes work best at around 72°F and a humidity of 4o% or less.

•  Follow the manufactuers guidelines.
Finish drying and curing depend on temperature, humidity and air flow.

So far there is Not a finish material
that says it will dry faster if you are in a hurry!

Creating a Fine Finish, by brush or spray, requires attention to many factors
including environment, finish material, selection of spray or brush equipment, and more.

Read through this entire document so you can spot finish problems
before or as they arise.

This self help problem solving guide identifies the source and the fix for many issues that can prevent the achievement of a perfect finish.


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Jan 082019

JUST ARRIVEDPhotos Coming Soon

Extra Light toned, (lighter than Platina)

SUPER PALE, Extra Light Toned Platina Shellac,
PALE Transparent.

SUPER PALE Platina (Platinum) Blonde,
is the best shellac variety
if you want to impart the least amount of tone
to woods such as Maple and Spruce.

Shelf Life & Storage of Dewaxed Flake: One Year+, Cool, Dark, Sealed from moisture.
     Note: There is Limited Stock of this SPECIAL Production.

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NEW Item! T-SHIRT Material 100% WHITE COTTON (washed)

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Aug 232018

NEW Item!  T-SHIRT Material 100% WHITE COTTON

• 100% White Cotton T-Shirt material.
• Approximately 18″ by 18″ pieces
• Washed • ABSORBENT

• NO Seams  • NO Stitching  • NO Labels
NEW SELECT T-Shirt Material mill ends,
washed 100% cotton (no blends).

The ideal cloth for fine finish stain & dye application, stain wiping operations. No Seams or Stitching make the cloth ideal for waxing and polishing.
Made from the same soft heavyweight cotton used in premium t-shirts. Extremely low lint, washed and ready to use right out of the bag.

Available in: 1/2 pound,  1 pound & 5 pound packaging