THAI Seedlac

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Mar 202010

THAI Seedlac

THAI Seedlac yields rich warm Red amber tones, excellent for rosewoods, mahogany, redwood.
Intermix with other shellacs to impart reddish warm tones.
These coarse raw seeds remind me of crushed red brick.

Seedlacs are harvested from the “sticklac” by crushing and sieving to remove organic material leaving behind the “seed”.
The sieved lac is washed to remove insect parts and other soluble material, leaving the product we know as seedlac.
The prefix “seed” refers to the seed like pellet shape of this basic natural material from which all shellac is made.

Strain the liquid shellac through a paint filter or cheesecloth,
to remove any organic debris (proof this is an organic & natural product).

The natural colors of the seedlacs are result of the sap consumed by the lac insect and the season of harvest.

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Mar 062010

Aerosols for
the Wood Finishers Tool Box

We get a lot of questions on ‘Why so many clears?’

The simple answer is that one finish cannot provide the various requirements of a specific use or give the desired look to a finishing schedule. Each aerosol product is formulated to provide a specific performance function or solution for the finisher.

In over 25 years the only complaints we have had about aerosols was when the craftsperson was sold the wrong clear or toner to produce the desired result. In most cases we fault the dealer for not asking how the product was to be used, or for not understanding their customer needs.

Selecting the Proper Aerosol for the specific job at hand will give the finisher the right tool to produce superior results.

We hope the ‘Aerosol Notes’ will help clarify uses and advantages of the various coatings.

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