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Materials for Traditional Finishing, Repair, and Maintenance

H. Behlen & Bro. wood finishing products come from over a 131-year tradition of quality and expertise. Founded in 1888 by a German-born chemist, Behlen was the first to manufacture finishing products used by European master craftsmen for the American woodworker. Behlen’s extensive knowledge of furniture making and finishing was behind the development of every product and has made the company an acknowledged leader in its field.

As of June 1st 2019, H.Behlen Finishing Products
were transitioned to the Mohawk Finishing Products label.

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An Authorized Mohawk Distributor

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COVID Update
BEHLEN Finishing has a NEW LABEL
Shellac.net Wood Finish Supply - New Location
Penetrating NGR DYE - Behlen JET BLACK
Moving Rubber Bands as Clamps
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BEHLEN Finishing has a NEW LABEL

BEHLEN Finishing has a NEW LABEL

Shellac.net Wood Finish SupplyAn Authorized Mohawk Distributor As of June 1st 2019 the H.Behlen Finishing Products were transitioned to the Mohawk Finishing label. Not every product was included in the transition, in that there are good Mohawk equivalents for those items. Products that have been made using the same formula for years will be co-labeled […]

Shellac.net Wood Finish Supply - New Location

Shellac.net Wood Finish Supply – New Location

Shellac.net Wood Finish Supply & MERIT Industries Mohawkfinishsupply.com Authorized Mohawk Distributor NEW Location,  2465 Second Street, Napa CA 94559 We are (most of the time) Open 5 days .. 8:00 am to 4:00 pm &  Saturdays – by Appointment.  707-299-8016 Please stop by our NEW showroom when you’re in the Napa area. New Access: from […]

Penetrating NGR DYE - Behlen JET BLACK

Penetrating NGR DYE – Behlen JET BLACK

Ultra Penetrating NGR DYE – JET BLACK The beautiful deep JET BLACK Dye (Behlen Formula) is back in production and SHIPPING. Available here: in Pints, Quarts, Gallons Ultra® Penetrating NGR (Non Grain Raising) DYE. Excellent fade & UV resistance. Intermix to arrive at custom colors. Reduce color intensity with NGR Reducer, Acetone, or Shellac Solvent […]

Finishing Classes / Workshops

Finishing Classes / Workshops Near Napa California New Wood Finishing Class – August 16, 2023 All About Wood Finishing with Shellac This miracle resin from the (Laccifer lacca) Lac bug Learn about: Seed Lac, Button Lac, Shellac Flake & Dewaxed Shellacs It is easy to make your own fresh shellac and universal sanding sealer. With […]

Shellac Solvent: Grain Alcohol vs. Denatured Alcohol

There is no industry regulation regarding what precisely constitutes denatured alcohol.

French Polishing

French Polishing — French Polishing is the name given to the process of coating wood with a solution of shellac dissolved in alcohol, using a “rubber” made of rag and cotton wool instead of with a brush. The alcohol evaporates, leaving the shellac deposited upon the wood. When applied correctly it produces what is possibly […]

Jethwa Button Shellac

Back In Stock! JETHWA Button Lac an early crop button produced of seedlac harvested from the Beri tree. Jethwa Button is a Caramel Amber shellac with a reddish tint, The Jethwa tone is slightly richer than the Kusmi #1 Button, it is not as dark as the Kusmi #2 button. Shellac.netShellac Variety Listing•••••

Solve LACQUER Over-Spray and Orange-Peel

Getting the most from your Lacquer Finishes When & Why To Use Flash-Off™ Control Solvent & Lacquer Blush Retarder Lacquer Retarder helps avoid Blushing  caused by Cold Humid Wet Weather Lacquer retarder is used to help eliminate “blushing”, the white foggy look caused by HIGH humidity or rainy and cool/cold weather. This blush sometimes is […]

New - Dewaxed Flake - BONA / MAROON

New – Dewaxed Flake – BONA / MAROON

Use BONA / MAROON on Mahogany, Cherry, Rosewood,
and similar toned woods.

Dewaxed PLATINA (Platinum) Blonde

Dewaxed PLATINA Shellac SUPER PALE, Extra Light Toned Platina Shellac, PALE Transparent. Dewaxed  PLATINA (Platinum) Blonde, an excellent shellac choice to impart the least amount of tone to woods such as Maple and Spruce. Shelf Life & Storage of Dewaxed Flake: One Year+, Cool, Dark, Sealed from moisture.    CLICK here To Order PLATINA

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