Dec 192011

H BEHLENPore-O-Pac  – Paste Wood Filler

To achieve a perfectly smooth Gloss finish (Piano Finish), filling the pores  in open grained woods is required. One customer described this finish as looking like a Mirror, or as smooth as a freshly frozen skating rink.

While other procedures and methods have been practiced, a Paste Wood Filler specifically designed for the process will give the most predictable result.  Pore-O-Pac will efficiently fill pores to provide a SMOOTH, FLAT ground on which to build a sealer coat and several gloss finish coats required for a classic filled, mirror smooth, Piano Finish.

See the can label instructions & application notes.
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Stringed Instrument Lacquer

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Dec 162011

Classic Stringed Instrument Lacquer

In Gallons, Quarts & Aerosol

      Stringed Instrument Lacquer must be applied over the Mohawk Vinyl Sealer
        to assure its unique film building, flexibility, and special finish characteristics.

Can Label Application Instructions & information