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BEHLEN Stringed Instrument Lacquer
GLOSS - Qt. B611-1406 & Aerosol B104-1406

Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer is a high quality nitrocellulose lacquer specifically designed for wooden stringed instruments.

Stringed Instrument Lacquer allows for the typical expansion and contraction that can occur due to the unique construction of stringed musical instruments.

Mix by Stirring Well just prior to use,
Avoid shaking.

Stringed Instrument Lacquer must be applied over Behlen Vinyl Sealer in order to insure the unique film building and special finish performance characteristics.

1. - Surface should be finish ready (properly sanded and clear of oils, dirt or dust).
Note: If applying over filled and stained woods see those Behlen product labels proper application and drying times.

2. - Apply ONE COAT
of Behlen Vinyl Sanding Sealer

3. - Allow to dry 1 hour and scuff sand
to 320 - 360 grit smoothness.
Clean well the surface of any dust.

4. - Apply one wet uniform coat of Stringed Instrument Lacquer at ready to use strength.
Allow at least ONE hour dry time.
Scuff sand with 360 grit.
Clean the surface of any dust.

5. - Repeat the step (#4) above 4 more times
to give a total of five (5) Lacquer coats.
& after each coat:
Allow at least 1 hour dry time.
Scuff sand to 360 grit.
Clean the surface of any dust.

6. - Allow to dry 24, or better, 48 to 72 hours.

7. - Wet sand with 400 grit wet / or Dry Paper & Mineral Spirits, clean surface & remove sanding residue with denatured alcohol on a clean white cotton rag.
Allow at least ONE hour for drying.

8. - Apply one Final coat at a 1-to-1 ratio of Lacquer & Behlen Lacquer Thinner 631
(this assures better flow and leveling of
the final lacquer coat.)

9. - Allow Stringed Instrument Lacquer to
Air Dry for 48 to 74 hours prior to final rub out.

Special Note: (For the BEST Result, when polishing out to a high sheen, the finish should cure for at least 21 days prior to any polishing operations.)

Clean Up:
Lacquer Thinner (immediately after spray equipment or brush use)

Follow all container health and safety cautions –
Keep away from children.

Protect Eyes and Skin -- Read & Follow All Label Cautions
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