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Feb 202021

New addition   Shop Aprons

These New Shop Aprons are discontinued production, we pass on our great savings.
Shop aprons tend to be expensive, so when we found these I grabbed some for packaging,
sanding, and some for staining and finishing operations.

To keep the finish clear and dust free we never use a shop apron when finishing

We reserve one apron for FINISHING ONLY

Currently, while stock lasts, the Green Bib Aprons are available.


Feb 112021 Wood Finish SupplyAn Authorized Mohawk Distributor

As of June 1st 2019 the H.Behlen Finishing Products
were transitioned
to the Mohawk Finishing label.

Not every product was included in the transition,
in that there are good Mohawk
equivalents for those items.

Products that have been made using the same formula for years
will be co-labeled with both Behlen & Mohawk Product numbers.
Many products are the exactly the SAME and others have an exact match in the Mohawk brand.

See our online catalog @

Some H.Behlen Products are still available,
Co-branded items will show the Behlen product # in the description.
For information or questions,
Please Phone our support line: 707-391-4042